It’s the end of summer as we know it

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For our last summer playgroup, we met up with friends at the (new to us) Jeffers Hill community playground. How have we not know about this playground before?! The kids had a blast on this teeter-totter.

We found a new playground

Things could get pretty rockin' when Simon was bouncing the teeter-totter.

Rockin' out

The playground has a lot of great things to play on, but not much shade. So, the picnic lunch was in the shade of a very small tree.

Picnic in the shade

This was the last playgroup before the big kids start Kindergarten on Monday. Molly will miss seeing all these silly friends every week.

Silly friends

In honor of National Peach Month, I also took the girls to pick peaches at Larriland Farm this week. Molly loved climbing the peach tree in search of the perfect peach.

In a peach tree

Leah had to get in on the tree climbing too. I eventually had to stop the great peach pickers since the box was full. We came home with 20 lbs. of peaches. Mmmm, that's a lot of peach goodness. I've already got peach custard ice cream, peach salsa, and peach & brie quesadillas on the menu this week!

Don't fall out of the tree

Picking peaches with friends makes it even more fun.

Peach picking with friends

Splashing around with friends

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Molly and Leah went to a pool party on Saturday. I have been encouraging Leah to swim on her own ever since she did it with G'Mom. We're not sure what motivated her, but she finally did it! She was such a happy little swimmer.

A happy swimmer

She was so excited to show Daddy!

Daddy, look at me

Leah and Matilda had a great time swimming together.

Swimming buddies

Leah is still working on kicking her legs to get her moving. Several times she got stuck because her little legs just weren't moving fast enough to combat the waves from other swimmers.

Kick those legs

Even Keira, who's not a big swimmer, couldn't resist the fun of playing with Molly in the pool.

Fun for all

When it was time for cake, Molly was quick to take the seat next to one of the birthday girls. She did not hesitate to dig in to the cake either!

It's cake time

Nice smile, Leah, but your teeth look like you don't brush them.

Needs brushing

Leah took the seat next to the other birthday girl. I guess our two girls think alike.

Lined up

Appropriate for a pool party, I made the birthday girls swim cover-ups.

Swim cover-up for Allison

Swim cover-up for Rachel

After the party, we actually joined the birthday girls for dinner as well, followed by the opening of presents. Rachel had to put her cover-up on right away, despite not having on her swimsuit anymore. I think she liked it!

Covers up anything

It’s blueberry time

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Did you know that July was National Blueberry month? In honor of that, the girls, some friends and I headed up to Larriland Farm to pick blueberries on Thursday. The hot weather didn't stop the kids from having a great time!

It's blueberry time

Leah was great at picking the blueberries, though not one actually made it into her bag.

The littlest helper

The next stop was the red and purple raspberries. Clearly, Leah preferred the blueberries since there are actually raspberries left in her box! (Or it could have been that she had to share this box with Mommy!)

Moving on to raspberries

Looking for the perfect one!

Picking a good one

I could have stayed all day picking fruit, but the kids had had enough. We now have blueberry ice cream to show for our efforts!

Easter egg hunt

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Molly attended an Easter Egg Hunt with many of her playgroup friends. Here they all are posing with Mr. Bunny. (Leah was not there due to potty training, but had she actually been there, she would have been clinging to my leg! Big costumed people = not Leah's friend!)

Posing with the Bunny

Molly hunted eggs with all the 5-8 year olds and had a fun time running around looking for the eggs.

Searching for eggs

There were even eggs growing on trees. Molly like to call these "special" eggs because they were decorated too.

Growing on trees

Molly, Keira, and Riley had just as much fun opening all their eggs and taking inventory of all the treats!

Taking inventory

For the love of cookies!

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On Monday, I hosted my second Drop In & Decorate party. The idea is simple: decorate sugar cookies, then donate them to a local non-profit agency.

My sous-chefs helped me prep our sugar cookies. I had 5 other moms baking for me and in total we had 18 dozen cookies to decorate!

Prepping cookies

The moms and kids were invited to drop in during the day and decorate for as long as they liked.

A cookie party

Molly enjoyed using a rainbow of colors on all her cookies.

One color is not enough

Leah and I worked together to decorate.


Adding sprinkles was a must. And even now that I have swept the floors three times, those sprinkles keep showing up!

Looking out for little brother

It was fun to watch and see what each of the kids created.

Watching the artist

Even the moms got into the decorating spirit.

Fun for moms too

Lots of giggles and laughter came from this table!

A table of friends

The kids were allowed to eat one cookie after they finished decorating. Apparently, the full plate of sprinkles were part of the deal too.

Sprinkles, yum!

Here's a sample of the decorated cookies.

A select few

In the end, thirty moms and kids decorated approximately 200 cookies to donate to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

200 cookies later

Thank you to all of my cookie volunteers for making our party such a huge success!

It’s Carnival time!

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I hosted our annual Mardi Gras party again this year, though it was a low-key celebration with just our playgroup. Leah clearly thought the icing was the best part of the King Cake.

The best part of the cake

The girls and I dressed for the occasion, sporting our Mardi Gras beads and necklaces.

Three festive girls

Celebrating all things PINK

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We have a lover of all things pink in our house, so when National Pink Day came around on June 23rd, I knew we had to celebrate! I hosted a Pinkalicious Party in honor of the day.

I decided to make our reading of Pinkalicious a bit more fun. I had the girls stand-up or sit-down every time I said the word pink or cupcake. Do you know how many times those are said in this book?! A lot! They eventually gave up and just sat and listened.

We had some pinktastic treats: strawberry cupcakes and strawberry pink lemonade. I used these free printables for the cupcake toppers.

Happy PINK Day

And of course there was a pinkerific craft! The girls painted with glue to create Pinkalicious magnets.

Pinkerella magnets

The girls came dressed for the occasion and had a fun time celebrating all things pink!

Girls in pink

And Leah enjoyed getting in on the cupcake action too.

Mmmm, cupcakes!

My little strawberry

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Last week, I took the girls to pick the last of the strawberries at Larriland Farm. Leah had the perfect outfit for the occasion! (I won the overalls in a giveaway from Overall Baby!)

Strawberries all over

Molly had her own box to fill. Here she is counting her pickings.

Counting her pickings

Eventually, she moved on and decided to help Jake and Mrs. Josie add to their box.

Helping Jake and Josie

Matilda was a big help to her mom too!

Matilda and Stacie

Leah just couldn't resist the sweet, juicy strawberries. She might have had just a few - stem, leaves and all!

Eating strawberries

The kids had a great time (as did the mommies!). It was a beautiful day to be in the field, and had it not been for my friends leaving, I might have stayed out there all morning!

Strawberry pickers

Imaginations at play

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The girls and I headed to Port Discovery Children's Museum with our playgroup this week. Leah loved playing in the Wonders of Water room.

Port Discovery

Molly and Simon had fun filling this cylinder causing it to spin due to the power of water.


A couple of our playgroup dad's came along for the fun too. Zach is doing a great job overseeing the boat building.

Building boats

The museum has three floors of exhibits for the kids to discover. Any kind of "shopping" area was a hit!

To market we go

While the big kids played in the three story tree house, the toddlers checked out the new Tot Trails exhibit. Leah liked making these pegs light up.

Just for Tots

And she thought it was fun to sit in these seats that looked a lot like turtle shells.

Shell seats

What happened to waiting until 16 before she got behind the wheel?

Driving to the store

The Music Studio was great. They loved playing with the Boomwhackers and the big drum.

Fun with music

Queen for a day...or may be just a moment!

Queen for a day

Before we left, the kids requested to play in the Wonders of Water room again. Standing inside the big bubble was a must-do since you've already seen that Molly loves bubbles!

A big bubble

Happy Mardi Gras Day!

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For the third year, I hosted a Mardi Gras celebration with my MOMS Club. I enjoy sharing this New Orleans tradition with my Maryland friends!

The party favors were made...

Mardi Gras cookies

And someone was very excited about eating king cake with her friends! I made a cream cheese filled, with cream cheese icing. Mmmm...

Mmmm, king cake

Molly welcomed everyone at the door saying, "Happy Mardi Gras Day!" The kids decorated their own king's crowns...

Decorating king's crowns\

then donned their hats and enjoyed a piece of cake.

Enjoying the cake

The more, the merrier

Each child left with Mardi Gras beads and a bag of cookies. I hope I lived up the the hype, as according to one friend, "It's the best event of the year!" I had to laugh when another friend said she'd been waiting years to come and was "starting to feel like [she] should camp out for tickets!"

Show and Tell Green