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Molly has braces!

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Last night, Molly looked like this.

Before braces

Now, she looks like this.


Molly has braces! It’s just four braces on top, plus a band around her back teeth that will eventually connect to the wire as well. She’ll also be getting a bottom bar, which they took impressions for today.

In case you were wondering, this is to correct an extreme overjet (her top front teeth stick out way too far). It may seem crazy to many of you to put braces on a third grader, but it’s become quite common these days. They can more easily address structural issues like this when the kids are younger. Of course, that means she may have braces for a year now, then get them again in middle school to straighten her teeth.

Orthodontic prelude

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Last week, Molly got spacers put in her mouth. When she went to school, all her friends kept asking to see her spacers. And friends that didn’t know she had them even asked about why she had blue teeth. I guess she has trouble keeping her mouth closed if everyone could notice them.


Why did she get spacers? These are to make room for braces, which she’ll get tomorrow (Monday)! Stay tuned to see them.