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I took Molly to Storyville at the Rosedale Library in Baltimore. They have many different areas for kids to explore and play. We were there for 1.5 hours, and could have stayed another hour!

Molly had fun gardening and growing pumpkins. She must get her green thumb from her grandfathers!

She performed a puppet show with a goat and a pig and even gave out tickets to the show.

She had the most fun in the Storyville Store. I think if it had been her first area to visit, we never would have left! She wanted to put everything in her basket, which left the shelves pretty bare.

Molly wanted to buy so many things at the store, she ended up having to work a shift at the cash register to pay for everything.

Leah’s 1 month portrait

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I took the girls to have pictures taken last week. Leah cooperated; Molly didn't.

The ABCs

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Molly decided to sing the ABCs this morning. Of course, she sings them with her usual level of energy, making them very entertaining.

A look at Leah

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I thought it'd be fun to show you some of Leah's facial expressions lately.

Do you have something to say, Leah?


A seriously squished face...

And our sweet, happy girl!

Play-Doh suncatchers

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What do you do for fun on a wintry day? Make Play-Doh suncatchers to bring in a little sunshine, of course! So, today I hosted a playdate to do just that. All the kids enjoyed squishing small balls of Play-doh and creating a rainbow of colors on the Contact Paper.

When put together and hung up, it turned out really nice. Though, it didn't last in the window very long. Molly insisted on wearing it like a bracelet, and then it eventually wound up crumpled in a ball. But, she had fun playing with it all day!

Halloween festivities

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Molly has had so much fun wearing her butterfly fairy costume. On Friday, I took the girls to Harmony Hall (an assisted living community) for a costume parade. She was in good company with Nemo, Elmo, The Cat in the Hat, and a Hershey Kiss.

She then donned the costume again when we went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. Though before we even left the house we had a costume malfunction, which set us back 45 minutes! We finally got ourselves together and headed to Grams and Pop's house. Molly was happy to get some candy as well as a book.

We then headed to Molly's friend Simon's house to go trick or treating with our playgroup friends, each with a 2 year old and a less-than-one year old. We managed to get a picture of them all (and me). Left to right you've got Maya, Molly, Simon, Matilda, Leah, and Keira.

Of course, that shot was a miracle to get, as most of the time the picture looked more like this.

The rain held off (mostly) and the kids did great trick-or-treating. They hit a lot of houses, leading to acquiring a lot of candy for a 2 year old.

After everyone dug into their new-found loot, and Molly finished off 3 pieces of candy in less than 2 minutes, there was much fun and enjoyment while on the sugar high.

We all had a great time! You can see the rest of the pictures here.