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Cookie decorating

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It was Christmas Cookie Day!

Leah said, "Now I know why people don’t want to eat them. It’s like eating a work of art." She was pretty proud of her cookies.

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating

Cookie decorating

Full set of Christmas cookies

Virtual Christmas card

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As we neared the end of 2020, we realized we didn’t have many pictures from this year. We usually take a lot of pictures on trips or at special events and activities. This year didn’t have many of those. We thought about doing an outdoor photoshoot as we’ve sometimes done, but none of us were into the idea. Then Jen said “we could just take pictures with your green screen”, and a huge, fun project was born. I present to you The Sellers 2020 Virtual Vacations.

First, our virtual beach vacation.

Virtual Beach vacation

And also a snowy winter vacation.

Virtual snow play

Into the woods. Could we have just gone into the woods to take this picture, rather than using the green screen - perhaps.

Into the woods

A bit more extreme - we visited the pyramids.

Visiting the pyramids

Then we headed out of this world to the International Space Station.

ISS visit

And finally, we traveled back in time to offer some Christmas presents to baby Jesus.

Visiting the Manger

And here's a behind-the-scenes shot.

Virtual Christmas card