My little strawberry

Last week, I took the girls to pick the last of the strawberries at Larriland Farm. Leah had the perfect outfit for the occasion! (I won the overalls in a giveaway from Overall Baby!)

Strawberries all over

Molly had her own box to fill. Here she is counting her pickings.

Counting her pickings

Eventually, she moved on and decided to help Jake and Mrs. Josie add to their box.

Helping Jake and Josie

Matilda was a big help to her mom too!

Matilda and Stacie

Leah just couldn't resist the sweet, juicy strawberries. She might have had just a few - stem, leaves and all!

Eating strawberries

The kids had a great time (as did the mommies!). It was a beautiful day to be in the field, and had it not been for my friends leaving, I might have stayed out there all morning!

Strawberry pickers


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