For the love of cookies!

On Monday, I hosted my second Drop In & Decorate party. The idea is simple: decorate sugar cookies, then donate them to a local non-profit agency.

My sous-chefs helped me prep our sugar cookies. I had 5 other moms baking for me and in total we had 18 dozen cookies to decorate!

Prepping cookies

The moms and kids were invited to drop in during the day and decorate for as long as they liked.

A cookie party

Molly enjoyed using a rainbow of colors on all her cookies.

One color is not enough

Leah and I worked together to decorate.


Adding sprinkles was a must. And even now that I have swept the floors three times, those sprinkles keep showing up!

Looking out for little brother

It was fun to watch and see what each of the kids created.

Watching the artist

Even the moms got into the decorating spirit.

Fun for moms too

Lots of giggles and laughter came from this table!

A table of friends

The kids were allowed to eat one cookie after they finished decorating. Apparently, the full plate of sprinkles were part of the deal too.

Sprinkles, yum!

Here's a sample of the decorated cookies.

A select few

In the end, thirty moms and kids decorated approximately 200 cookies to donate to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

200 cookies later

Thank you to all of my cookie volunteers for making our party such a huge success!


  1. Lucia says:

    Wow! Beautiful cookies. The kids look like they had lots of fun.

  2. G'mom says:

    Wow – such fun and a wonderful way to share love with cookies! I know the center truly appreciated your baking and decorating efforts! Go moms and kids!

  3. Grampa says:

    Great job! What a good way to have both fun and help out others. Molly & Leah, all your friends did an excellent job with the decorating. The cookies look delicious. Grampa.

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