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Allison’s party

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Today we helped Allison celebrate her 2nd birthday. The girls (and mommies) have been friends since Molly was 3 months old!

As always, Molly loves cake. Molly's reflection does as well.

I made Allison a ribbon shirt and bow. Allison loved the bow and sported a double-bow look the rest of the party!

Here's a close-up of the ribbon shirt.

And although Molly has already modeled her shirt at Aunt Caroline's party, here's a close-up of her ribbon shirt.

3D Ultrasound

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Download: Normal Quality

We did a 3D ultrasound for baby #2 on Friday, which is very cool if you've never seen one. She cooperated very well, though the umbilical cord was in her face the whole time. Here's the video of the whole session (which is quite large and lasts 17 minutes). And if you'd like to see some still pics from our session, they're available here.

3rd Annual Field Day

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Today our Young Adult group held its 3rd Annual Field Day. It's all about reliving games from your elementary days. This year's game lineup included: dizzy bat layup, tricycle races, egg spoon relay, three legged race, sack race, toilet seat horseshoes, water balloon launch, jumbo golf, tug o war, and tiki thunder hockey.

Here's Eric kicking off the dizzy bat layup relay.

Pete shows us how to ride the tricycle.

Don't drop that egg, Amy!

Apparently, the most efficient way to transfer the potato sack to the next person in the relay was for the person finishing their leg to dive on the ground and the next person to pull the sack off their legs.

Surprisingly, tricycles can be used by toddlers as well as adults. Molly and Owen had a great time on them.

Yes, we had an event where we tossed toilet seats at a stake in the ground, similar to horseshoes. Gabe had very good form.

Here's Susan about to launch the water balloon for Andrew to catch.

Owen is ready to help his dad with his giant golf chip shot.

And finally, here's the whole gang.

Caroline’s party

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Friday night we celebrated Caroline's graduation/18th birthday with a very large party (mostly teenagers, only a few of us old fogies).

We spent much of our time on the back porch, where Chad and I got a break as Molly was entertained by Aunt EA and lots of jumping.

Molly was happy to see Aunt Caroline, but she of course didn't stop eating cake. Nothing's better than cake.

Molly made sure that she was at the center of attention, and the circle, as much as possible.

Another fun activity was to run around the house with Aunt EA.

Early anniversary trip

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Chad and I took an early anniversary trip to Stonewall Resort in WV. I wasn't really up for a car ride at the end of July while 8 months pregnant, so we celebrated early.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. We treated ourselves to massages (a first for Chad), and only left the resort once to check out this glass blowing shop. We got to see them making these glass "kisses."

The weather was perfect for sitting and enjoying the view of the lake,

and taking a boat cruise on the lake.

Click here to see a few more pictures of our exploration of the grounds and the boat cruise.

Don’t you want to picnic with me?

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