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Molly’s 6th birthday

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There’s a birthday girl
that we all adore…
Who wants to get glamorous?
We’ll paint nails and more!

For the first time ever, we ventured out of our house for one of our kids' birthday parties. Molly had her 6th birthday party at our gym, which offers a number of different themed parties. Molly's choice - a Glamour Party. The first activity was to draw and decorate Molly.


Then we moved on to becoming glamorous. Molly started by having her nails painted.


Leah started out at the makeup station. Nice eyeshadow.


The girls also made picture frames, door hangers, and wands, covered with lots of glitter and stickers.


Molly's frame

Chad set up a small portrait studio to capture these glamorous girls, complete with a feather boa of course.

Glamour shots

Glamorous friends

Glamorous Molly

Becoming glamours must equal becoming silly too!

Silly girls

It was then time for pizza. Molly and many of the other girls ate their pizza like this, trying to avoid messing up their nails.

Pizza time

Finally, the girls gobbled up the cake. Note that Molly started using her spork (which is still in her hand), but ultimately decided that was too slow. So, she opted to just shove it into her face.

Cake time

The biggest reason for having the party outside our house was because we are prepping our house to put it on the market. That said, I couldn't resist being a little crafty and create a banner.


I also made glamourous goodie bags, complete with brush/mirror compact, nail polish, rings, bracelets, and flower bobby pins for their hair.

Goodie bags

We didn't open presents at the party, but we opened them right after we got home. I think Molly's excited about this Barbie from Allison.

Opening presents

A nice thing this year is that Molly could read her own cards.

Reading cards

This disco ball from Kaylin was so funky we had to try it out immediately with an impromptu dance party to end a super fun day.


Check out many more pictures from the party here.

Please Mom, can I have s’more?

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Leah and Molly have been asking for s'mores lately. They make a total mess, but the girls love them.


Caution - may induce crazy! The s'mores seem to have driven her mad.

Caution - may induce crazy

She's gone so crazy, she forgot the tasty treat she had in her hand.


She has a thousand faces.

Expressive child

The madness subsided, returning her to a sweet little princess.

Still a princess

Loving on Olive

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Our friends, Eric and Christy, welcomed a little cutie into their family in December. We were all set to meet Miss Olive the day after Christmas, but snow arrived and we had to cancel. When it snowed again this Wednesday, I was worried our plans would be thwarted again. Thankfully, the snow was gone the next morning and we finally got to meet Olive. Leah loves babies, so she was very excited to get to hold her.

Hello Olive

Leah also wanted to read to Olive. I'm not sure what part of Moo Baa La La La is so intense to warrant Leah's face, but I'm glad she's putting her all into it.

Thrilling book

We kept reminding Leah to be gentle with Olive. Using only one finger is as gentle as it gets.


I also brought Olive a little gift. Back in December, I was asked to pattern test these overalls, which I agreed to do even though I had no baby to be my model. It's hard to imagine sweet little Olive big enough to wear them, but she'll be super cute when she does!

Overalls for Olive

Wacky Wednesday

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In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, the Kindergarteners at Molly's school had a Wacky Wednesday. Molly was so excited to participate. Not only did she wear mismatched socks and shoes, I gave her a wacky hairdo too. She's got two cupcakes on her head to match the cupcake on her shirt.

Wacky Wednesday

Off to school and ready for a wacky day.

Off to school