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Leah’s 9 month portraits

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I took Leah to get her 9 month portraits back in June. Here are the favorites from the sitting.

Leah 9 months

Leah 9 months

Bouncing with the boys

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Molly's friend, Owen, had his birthday party at Pump It Up. Here's the birthday boy having some fun.

Happy birthday Owen

Owen and Ethan enjoyed wrestling amongst the balls.


Molly's favorite part was this inflatable mountain.

Run, run

You had to run up the mountain with this velcro tag and see how high you could stick the tag on before sliding back down.

Still sliding

Ethan joined Molly in the fun.

Ethan too

After all the bouncing and running, everyone sang to Owen as he sat in his giant birthday chair.

Birthday chair

Molly got a bunch of stickers as party favors, and they were perfect for Aunt Caroline's face!


The celebration continues

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The celebration continued with lunch at Grams and Pop's house. While waiting for lunch, Molly showed Grampa her iPad skills.

iPad skills

Grams made a great lunch, but this trifle was what many of us were really looking forward to!


Leah played peakaboo with everyone.


Leah now loves to say (with force) "boh." It's said with a deeper voice and lasts a few seconds. It's quite hilarious. You can see a video of it here.


The special day

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The main event, Leah's baptism, arrived Sunday morning.

Leah's baptism

Molly assisted in pouring the water.

Water assistant

Leah did great! No tears, and she even gave some good smiles and clapped for everyone.

Getting wetter

Grampa and G'Mom finished the baptism with some bell playing.

Batson bells

We were grateful that so much of our family could be with us for this special day.

Lots of family

Mom and baby.

Baby and Mommy

A close up of the pretty girl!

Close up

Leah with Grams, the dress maker. The dress was made for Aunt Caroline's baptism.

The dress maker

And if you missed it, you can watch the video of Leah's baptism here.


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Download: Normal Quality | HD Quality

One of Leah's favorite new words is "boh" usually accompanied with a long face (as you can see). It's hard to get on video, but here are a few examples of it.

Splashing around

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We went to the pool for a little wet fun. The splash pad was a big favorite. We did a little jumping,

Molly, mid-air

ducking under the water,


zooming through the water,

Zooming through the water

Flying through the water

and finally, some swimming in the water.

Happy swimmers

Bunch of girls in the pool

Visiting from the South

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Grampa, G'Mom, Aunt 'Chelle, Uncle J, Emmie, and Grammy all flew in for Leah's baptism. Molly and Leah were quick to get Grampa to read them a book.

Hello, Grampa

Emmie tried to give Leah a kiss, but Leah wasn't a big fan of that idea.

No thank you

Silly Emmie!

Silly Emmie

Leah had a nice conversation with Grammy.

Hello Grammy

And then had a lot to say about her conversation with Grammy.


Molly and G'Mom created a masterpiece.

Drawing with G'Mom

And all the girls had storytime with Uncle J.

Reading with Uncle J

Cousins are the best!

Cute cousins

Stay tuned for more of our weekend adventures!

Adventure on the High Seas

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Molly is finally old enough to participate in Vacation Bible School. This year the kids went on an adventure on the high seas. She was so excited every morning when I told her we were going to Bible school again. I taught Molly's preschool class and we both had a great week learning that God's word is true, comforting, surprising, life-changing and for everyone! She loved singing and dancing to all of the songs and listened to the CD so much that I went to bed and woke up singing them! We even had an evening of singing with Uncle J, who led these songs for the kids at his church.

Adventure on the High Seas

Molly's shirt was way too big for her, so I made a few tweaks using this tutorial and now she can finally wear her Bible school shirt!

Finally a nice photo

Songs with Uncle J

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After Leah's baptism, Uncle J led an evening of singing Vacation Bible School songs which Molly really enjoyed. Here's a small taste of the fun.

Leah’s baptism

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Leah was baptized Sunday, and we captured it for all of you to share that couldn't join us (and thanks to all who did make it).