Splashing around with friends

Molly and Leah went to a pool party on Saturday. I have been encouraging Leah to swim on her own ever since she did it with G'Mom. We're not sure what motivated her, but she finally did it! She was such a happy little swimmer.

A happy swimmer

She was so excited to show Daddy!

Daddy, look at me

Leah and Matilda had a great time swimming together.

Swimming buddies

Leah is still working on kicking her legs to get her moving. Several times she got stuck because her little legs just weren't moving fast enough to combat the waves from other swimmers.

Kick those legs

Even Keira, who's not a big swimmer, couldn't resist the fun of playing with Molly in the pool.

Fun for all

When it was time for cake, Molly was quick to take the seat next to one of the birthday girls. She did not hesitate to dig in to the cake either!

It's cake time

Nice smile, Leah, but your teeth look like you don't brush them.

Needs brushing

Leah took the seat next to the other birthday girl. I guess our two girls think alike.

Lined up

Appropriate for a pool party, I made the birthday girls swim cover-ups.

Swim cover-up for Allison

Swim cover-up for Rachel

After the party, we actually joined the birthday girls for dinner as well, followed by the opening of presents. Rachel had to put her cover-up on right away, despite not having on her swimsuit anymore. I think she liked it!

Covers up anything

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    Leah is so happy and proud!

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