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A [pillow]Case for Smiles

Posted in Sewing on August 30th, 2010 by jen – 4 Comments

I am participating in another Craft Hope project. I made pillowcases to donate to ConKerr Cancer. They provide bright and cheery handmade pillowcases for children battling cancer. They're "giving sick kids a reason to pillowcase at a time."

ConKerr Cancer pillowcases

If you'd like to participate too you still have time; leave a comment here. The deadline for this project is September 15th as September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

I'm linking up to Made by You Mondays at Skip to my Lou so you can see what others have been busy crafting.

Cutting the comb-over

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We finally decided that Leah's comb-over look wasn't working for her, so it was time for her first haircut. Here's the before picture.

I need a haircut

Here's the after picture of Leah's hair sans-old man look. It's a bit hard to see what it looks like since it's wet, so...

Much better

Here's Leah the day after her haircut, with dry hair. Much better. I think she likes it!

Dry hair

Wordless Wednesday

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Ready to play

Look at me

Pajamas are tasty

Hello, Leah

Ice, custard, happiness

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Molly and I went on a tour of Rita's Italian Ice with our MOMS Club. First, we saw the process of making lemon ice.

Rita's tour

And then got to taste the freshly made ice.

Tasting the lemon

Next, the kids were given small cups of random flavors and tried to guess what kind of ice it was.

More tastings

And finally, the kids got to order their very own cup of Italian ice. Molly was set on getting red.

Ordering on her own

Surprisingly, even after eating the kid (aka huge for a toddler) serving, she ate a great lunch.

Diggin' in

My first bag

Posted in Sewing on August 23rd, 2010 by jen – 11 Comments

I've had my eye on making this Buttercup Bag for a while, so when my friend's birthday came around I knew exactly what to make her! I encouraged her to overlook any imperfections since it was my first time making a bag, but that showed it was made with love, right?!

Her response? "JEN! I LOOOOVE the purse!! :) It's so adorable and I will DEFINITELY use it!! Thank you sooooo much!! And I'm not sure what "imperfections" I was supposed to notice, but I didn't notice a THING wrong with it! I'm so honored I get to be the first person with one of your creations o' awesomeness! :)"

You think she liked it?! :)

Buttercup bag

Buttercup bag inside

I'm linking up to Made by You Mondays at Skip to my Lou so you can see what others have been busy crafting.

Playground fun

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It was a cooler day out on Saturday, which made it a great day to hit the playground. Molly, of course, was happy to have this outing (and Chad was happy to get to bring his new lenses along).

Playground fun

Leah wasn't as excited as Molly about the playground, but she did enjoy riding on the frog with Mommy.

The Princess and the Frog

Molly loves to swing high with Chad so they can go upside down, but she likes swinging on her belly when she's alone.

Just hanging

Button collar dress

Posted in Sewing on August 19th, 2010 by jen – 2 Comments

I used this tutorial to make Leah a button collar dress. It is perfect for the summer, complete with strawberries and all.

Button collar dress

I'm linking up to Strut Your Stuff Thursday at Somewhat Simple so you can see other crafters newest creations.

Savannah, part III

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Grandaddy's boats were in need of some work, but cousin David was kind enough to come by to give us a boat ride. Molly was excited (and a little wind-blown).

Boat trip

Grandaddy's descendants got together for a low country boil, and Lisa was quick to find the baby she hadn't met yet.

Cousin Lisa

We were all finally together to capture a picture of Grandaddy with all 12 of his great grandkids.

Great grandkids

While Molly is taking swimming lessons, she's still quite skittish when it comes to the water. We were surprised when she wanted to go swimming in the river. So, Aunt Caroline put on her swimsuit and in they went.

Swimming with Aunt Caroline

Swimming for Molly only lasted a few mintues, so she joined the boys on the hammock.

Crowded hammock

Molly went with her Aunts to pick out polish for a special pedicure. She insisted on red paint, and that Mommy paint her toes. So much for the aunt-niece bonding! She was so excited to have her toes painted. Though she was a bit worried when she got in the tub and in her bed that the paint was going to come off.

A happy customer

Grandaddy's house has a closet with a bunch of toys from before Chad was born. Molly eventually found it, and we didn't see her for a little while.

Toy closet

After a few days, it was time to return to Maryland. Molly and Leah kept careful watch for the arrival of our plane at Savannah airport.

Savannah airport

You can see all the pictures from our trip here.

Savannah, part II

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We got together with the Solana side of the family at Debbie and John's house. Amy brought her kids, and Molly was happy to have another little one to play with.

Playing with Aidan

Leah and Jen chatted with Amy and Rose.

Moms and babies

There was lots of socializing and eating together.

Lots of socializing

Eating together

With the big kids otherwise occupied, Leah had her chance to claim the trains for herself.

I got the trains!

Savannah, part I

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We flew down to Savannah to see extended family. We stayed at Chad's grandad's house, as usual. Here's his backyard.


Here's a look through the trees down the bluff.

Down the bluff

This hammock has magical powers. It can make even a 3-year-old relax.

Major relaxing

The hammock can also be exciting when you get someone to push you this high.

Less relaxing

Grandaddy's got a little scooter for going longer distances, and Molly loved riding on it.

Scooter ride

Betty sang to Leah for quite a while, and Leah stared at her the entire time.

Singing Betty

And she made sure to get the grown-ups making silly faces with her.

Faces with Grams

Stay tuned for more adventures from our trip.