It’s the end of summer as we know it

For our last summer playgroup, we met up with friends at the (new to us) Jeffers Hill community playground. How have we not know about this playground before?! The kids had a blast on this teeter-totter.

We found a new playground

Things could get pretty rockin' when Simon was bouncing the teeter-totter.

Rockin' out

The playground has a lot of great things to play on, but not much shade. So, the picnic lunch was in the shade of a very small tree.

Picnic in the shade

This was the last playgroup before the big kids start Kindergarten on Monday. Molly will miss seeing all these silly friends every week.

Silly friends

In honor of National Peach Month, I also took the girls to pick peaches at Larriland Farm this week. Molly loved climbing the peach tree in search of the perfect peach.

In a peach tree

Leah had to get in on the tree climbing too. I eventually had to stop the great peach pickers since the box was full. We came home with 20 lbs. of peaches. Mmmm, that's a lot of peach goodness. I've already got peach custard ice cream, peach salsa, and peach & brie quesadillas on the menu this week!

Don't fall out of the tree

Picking peaches with friends makes it even more fun.

Peach picking with friends

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