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Our new porch

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When we bought our new house, there were two things on our wish list that this house didn't have. 1. A double oven and 2. a screened-in porch. I was OK with letting go of the double oven, but the porch was something that Chad and I both really wanted. My sister's house has a screened-in porch and when we visit, it's so nice to eat outside or let the kids get some fresh air while still being close enough to keep an eye on them.

Our house had a nice size back deck, so we knew we had a good base to start from. The week after we moved in, we immediately started looking into expanding it and adding a screened-in porch.


After a 3 month wait, construction finally began last week.

Under construction

Progress happened fast.

A roof

After only six days working, it's done! The new porch looks fantastic. We still need to add a fan and lighting (with the help of a very generous neighbor), and then we need furniture. We can't wait to use it. Spring come quick!

Our new porch

Trunk-or-Treat is back!

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Sunday was our second day of Halloween festivities. We traditionally trick-or-treat Grams's house on Halloween, but given how late Molly gets out of school and the fact that Halloween is a school day, we had to move it up a bit.

Halloween festivities, day 2

We paused for a quick picture with Grams before heading back to church for more festivities.

With Grams

After a two year hiatus, Trunk-or-Treat was back at our church. Before the treating began, there were some fun activities. Molly's making a spider from two hand tracings.


Leah had a bit of trouble eating the donut at the donut swing. She eventually got a bit, but then decided that was enough and pulled the rest off.

Donut swing

Then it was time to go outside to Trunk-or-Treat. There were lots of great cars with lots of treats. The girls' bags were full by the end.

Trunk or Treat

Between Leah's wig and Pastor Matt's beard, there's a lot of hair in this picture.

Lots of hair

Leah ended up winning a prize for one of the best costumes thanks to her giant hair. It's an impressive wig, but especially fun given her little head inside of it.

Lots of hair

Carving pumpkins

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We picked up a couple of pumpkins from a neighborhood farm stand. This year, Molly and Leah were surprisingly happy to scoop out the insides.

Pumpkin carving

"Look at all this goop!"


The girls each picked a design to carve. Molly traced her design onto her pumpkin before Chad carved it.

Tracing images

While Molly's pumpkin design choice was an easy one, Leah's was much tougher. I spent quite a while carving the intricacies of it.

The tougher one

The results…Rapunzel and a scary-face jack-o'-lantern.

Finished products

Fall has arrived, Let’s be festive!

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We kicked off this year's Halloween festivities with our neighborhood's Fall Festival on Saturday. Molly requested that I make her a Belle dress (from Beauty and the Beast). Leah has been talking about being Merida (from Brave) for months, so we borrowed a crazy Merida wig from a friend to complete the look. Leah kept asking, "Why do you keep laughing, Mom?" I just couldn't get over all that hair!

Halloween week begins

The neighborhood party included a costume parade. Molly and Leah walked hand in hand.

Costume parade

They then decorated some pumpkins,

Pumpkin decorating

which included stickers and markers for decorating.

Pumpkin face

There was also a DJ who did lots of fun activities. Molly did not want to participate in the hula hoop contest, but she did want to play with them after it was over. Yes, she's hula hooping with 4 hoops there.

Hula hoops

They had 2 moon bounces - 1 traditional one for those 4 and under, and one obstacle course for the bigger kids. Molly must have gone through this 50 times. She had so much fun!

Moon bounce

Leah’s first field trip

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I chaperoned Leah's first field trip at ECP to Tridelphia Farm. As we walked to the corn field, Leah's buddy observantly stated, "Ms. Jen, those corn stalks don't look so good." So true, but that's where the good stuff was hidden.

Picking popcorn

Leah had fun finding her hidden treasure too. Popcorn!

Uncovering the popcorn

We took a short hay ride over to another field full of goodies.

A hay ride

Little pumpkins, perfect for the preschool types.

Tiny people pumpkins

Making memories in Memphis

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Molly had a couple days off from school, so we spent a long weekend in Memphis with my family. Friday morning, we headed to some nearby trains to play. I think this one is haunted with the ghost of Leah.

Ghost train

Kids and grandparents, on an old train.


A festive photo.

Pumpkin pic

JJ loves his "Yayyee".


The trains were right beside a lovely square with pretty red flowers,


and lots of room to run!


These girls had so much fun together.

Swings are fun

So much so that Molly just had to jump for joy!

Jump for joy

JJ's getting pretty good at playing with Legos.


We decided to go bowling with the whole family while in Memphis. Leah and Molly loved it. Leah needed a bit of help, but was excited to bowl the entire time.


We had to keep telling Molly to be patient for the guard to lift because she was so excited to bowl that she couldn't wait.

Molly bowling

Not sure if this was a spare or a strike, but Chad caught the excitement either way.

Got 'em all

We had a night-time dance party at G'Mom and Grampa's house. What you can't see is that the room was dark except for a small disco ball.

Strike a pose

Leah is doing The Raspberry Scare, while Emmie is doing Pretzel Arms.

Nice moves

Fall dresses

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I made Molly a new corduroy dress just in time for Fall pictures at school. Coincidentally, the Oliver + S pattern is called the School Photo dress.

School photo dress

Molly thinks it's funny to trick people with her pocket.

Pockets are the best

I also made Leah a new corduroy dress. After trying it on, Leah asked if she could leave it on to play. Guess she likes it!

Another corduroy dress