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Our new house

Posted in News on April 17th, 2013 by jen – 3 Comments

We are so ecstatic! We have a new house! We'll soon be living on Vinter Way in Ellicott City, moving after school ends in June.

It's crazy to think that in only two weeks we listed our house, got it under contract (twice!), and found a new house. A huge "Thank you" to Jeremy Walsh for helping us make it all happen. Now we can start planning where things should go and mentally moving in to the space.

Here are the pictures from the listing:


Living Room







Family Room




Master Bedroom




Master Bath








Laundry on Bedroom level


Finished Basement


Walk out to backyard


Office nook


Accessible storage


Trex decking


Rear of house



We’re moving

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When we moved to Maryland, we said we'd reevaluate whether to stay in 5 years. Almost 10 years and 2 kids later, we're still here and we've now outgrown our little home. So, since January, we've spent countless hours working on the house in order to put it on the market. We achieved our self-imposed deadline of April 1st and our house was listed on April 2nd.

After 7 days, 39 showings, 1 Open House, and 5 offers, we had a contract on our house. (Thank goodness we were in Birmingham celebrating JJ's 1st birthday for 4 of those crazy days.) We started really living in our house again, and then two days later, the contract fell through. :(

So, we started the showings again (now 49 total) and on Saturday we reviewed 5 offers again - the four we originally rejected plus a new one. After some negotiations, we are really, truly under contract. Hooray!

We have also put an offer on a new house, so hopefully we'll have some news on the buying front soon. :)

We're moving

Celebrating JJ

Posted in Celebrations, Leah, News, Trip on April 11th, 2013 by jen – 1 Comment

We spent part of Spring Break in Birmingham visiting with my family. It was possibly the shortest time between visits with G'Mom and Grampa that the girls have ever had.

Family visit to AL

It's always fun to see what Grampa sees.

Grampa's glasses

JJ loved his first ride in the Cozy Coupe. Leah stopped to chat along his route.

Waving to his peeps

We went out to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack where the servers dance. Molly took that to mean that she should dance as well, and she spent much of the evening dancing and dancing and dancing.

Dinner and a show

The reason for our visit was to attend JJ's first birthday party.

Birthday cake

The birthday boy is a happy boy as he waits for the party to start.

Pre-party fun

So much fun

Got a balloon

Who needs cake? The icing is the good stuff.

Who needs cake?

Emmie loved sitting with Uncle Chad. And Leah's always wanting to share in Daddy's love.

Preschoolers and me

There's always time for reading with G'Mom.

Reading time

Leah loves "baby JJ."


Grandma Dot came over for a post-party visit. Here she is with her four great-grandchildren.

Great grandkids

JJ loves playing with his trucks.


Molly was super sweet with JJ. Every time he was fussy, she was right there trying to cheer him up. She even sat with him a few times and played trucks with him.

Molly can play too

Celebrating Easter

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Molly's birthday weekend was also Easter weekend. The girls were excited to see what they got in their Easter basket. So excited that they made sure we were up a little early.

Easter morning

There were also some Easter presents from Aunt 'Chelle, Uncle J, Emmie, and JJ, including these fun eyes.

Presents from afar

We had a nice Easter service, a great lunch at Grams's, and some good family time. Happy Easter from The Sellers!

Happy Easter!

Now she’s really 6

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It's the morning of Molly's actual birthday. Molly's got on her birthday crown and it's time to open presents. Why is she hugging her sister so excitedly?

Sister hugs

A new umbrella! Leah picked it out herself, and Molly is thrilled with it.

A new umbrella

Molly requested to go to Red Robin (yum!) for her birthday dinner as they sing. Here she is eating her birthday dessert after the singing.

Birthday dinner

We then headed home with aunts, an almost uncle, Grams, and Grammy to have some more treats and open presents. Molly is really excited about this Hello Kitty karaoke machine from Aunt Caroline. Her mom and dad are slightly less excited…

Exciting present

Molly has not yet embarked on a sleepover, but she's now ready with this Hello Kitty sleeping bag from Aunt EA and (almost) Uncle Scott.

Sleeping bag

Birthday cake at her party, ice cream sundae at dinner, and now a cupcake as well. She's one happy 6 year old!

More treats

All her {pink} eggs in one basket

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On Good Friday, I took the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt organized by my MOMS Club. Leah was one of the oldest of the youngest group, so she ran full on in search of all the pink eggs.

On the hunt

Leah loved filling up her basket. She eventually had so many eggs that she started collecting eggs to give to the younger toddlers and babies.

A basket full

The egg hunt for the older kids was a bit more challenging with eggs hidden in bushes and wedged in tight spots.

Hidden eggs

The girls were joined by some of their best playgroup buddies.

Friends make it more fun

After the hunting was complete, the candy counting began. Leah and Molly brought home 40 pieces of candy each! They'll be eating Easter candy until Leah's birthday!

Counting the candy

Molly, Keira and Maya were happy to pose next to the Easter Bunny. Leah is still unwilling to get near large, costumed figures.

Hanging with the Easter Bunny

Snowball fight with Dad

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The day after Molly's party, G'Mom and Grampa were planning to check out Molly's school. Their plans were thwarted by a Springtime snow day. We got very little snow during the winter, but apparently some of it was waiting for Spring to come down.

Snow day

The snow was very wet, which made it excellent for snowballs. Despite her expression here, Molly really enjoyed throwing them at Chad.

Snowball fight

Even better was when he could catch the snowball and throw it back at her. Direct hit!

Back at you

Molly took to hiding behind his car to dodge the snowballs. And what better hiding snack than a little fresh snow.

Hiding and snacking

Something’s missing!

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Molly came home from school two weeks ago missing a front tooth. It had been loose for a while (the other 3 front teeth are loose as well). She was wiggling it before getting on the bus, and she just pulled it out. She got off the bus running to me with a purple box and a big smile!

Lost tooth

Last week, another tooth bit the dust. She was playing at her friend's house when it fell out on the bed. Her speech was fine missing one tooth, but missing both bottom teeth is a bit more noticeable.

Another tooth

Maybe the next one she'll actually lose at home!