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Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast

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When we asked Molly what extracurricular activities she wanted to do this winter, she decided she wanted to try drama. So, we signed her up for a production of The Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast at the Drama Learning Center. After 8 weeks of rehearsals, they put on two shows.

Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast

The kids were in kindergarten through second grade, so Molly was one of the youngest ones of the group.

Nice curtsey, Molly

Molly played Stanley, one of the villagers who tends to hang around with Gaston. There weren't many boys who signed up for this, so they had a large number of girls playing boy roles. When practicing her lines, Molly always scowled and spoke with a silly, almost angry voice as that's what she thinks a boy talks like.


Nice singing, Molly.


Molly's part was small (which was good since she was younger and new to this), but she still had some lines all to herself - both spoken and sung.


The cast or most of them, at least.

The cast

Family game time

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While in Savannah, we had a lot of family time that included playing a bunch of games. Aunt EA, Molly, and Leah (and many of the rest of us) got into Where's My Water?.


After the funeral, Uncle J, Aunt 'Chelle, and Emmie were happy to entertain Molly and Leah with a fun game of What's in the Cat's Hat?

What's in the Cat's Hat?

Grandaddy imparted some wisdom to Leah, of course.


But he didn't just teach the little ones, he learned from them too. Here's Molly showing him how to play Cut the Rope on her iPhone. (The huge black eye is courtesy of tripping and falling at 3am the night before the funeral, requiring a trip to the ER and 17 stitches around his eye!)

The young teaching the old

Another fun game was "Let's wear Aunt EA's shoes." Leah was surprisingly good at walking in them - so good in fact that Chad had trouble taking her picture before she had sped across the room to him.


Of course, Molly couldn't let Leah have all the fun, so she grabbed another pair of Aunt EA's heels. Apparently, wearing heels causes kids to make ridiculous looking smiles.

Molly too

Not a game, but something else Leah loves…Scott! We've been telling her that when he and Aunt EA get married in August, he'll become Uncle Scott, but she got confused at some point and started saying he'd be her Ankle Scott. Very cute. Sadly, Molly is too pedantic to let that slide, so she quickly taught Leah how to say it properly.

Ankle Scott

Goodbye Dad

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Goodbye Dad

My Dad, Chuck Sellers, passed away February 4, 2013 after a year and a half battle with cancer. For more information on his battle with cancer, see his CaringBridge page. He was buried in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday.

I feel the need to write something here about this, but struggle with what to say. I miss him greatly. I am sad that I won't get to see him again. I am even sadder that my girls won’t get to have him around any more. His dad, my grandfather, died when I was a little kid as well, so I know what it's like to have a grandfather that everyone thinks the world of but you didn’t get to have around as you mature.

I am comforted that his struggle is over. The past year has been awful. He was amazingly strong as he endured both the onslaught of cancer and the effects of its treatment. By the end, he was ready to go. He could no longer live life and was in constant pain. While I never wanted to lose him, I’m glad his pain is gone.

I am also comforted knowing that he is now in Heaven. I don’t really understand what that means, and don’t believe any of us can understand it with our Earthly perspective. But I believe that Salvation is real and in Dad’s case, I believe he has indeed been saved. It’s hard to know what someone else holds in their hearts, but Dad made it clear what he held to through his words and his deeds.

It’s upsetting to lose such a great example of what we should be. I hope I can live up to the example he set. He was a model of consistency, unwavering in his devotion to his family, his country, and those around us who he took under his wing. I’ve tried through my life to be like that, and I want to be even more like Dad in the future.

So, goodbye Dad. I’m incredibly sad to see you go, and will do my best to emulate you as my little family grows up.