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Field trip to the farm

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Chad chaperoned Molly's class to a nearby farm with a pumpkin patch. Before leaving, Ms. Colella talked about the animals they'd see and read a story about pumpkins.

Field trip to the farm

It was a tight squeeze on the bus, so Chad shared a seat with Molly and her friend Catherine.

Riding the bus with Catherine

After a talk about the farm, it was time for a hay ride on a beautiful day. It's hard to believe it's late October with 80 degree days.

So much fun

They even rode through a stream. The kids had to get a peak at the approaching water. Molly was a bit worried that they might sink.

Into the water

She picked corn, cotton, and a pumpkin, though she doesn't seem too sure of her choice in this picture.

We have a winner?

Molly was even brave enough to feed this goat some corn out of her hand.

Feed the goats

On the way home, several kids took a little snooze after a busy day. Molly snuggled up and closed her eyes, though she never actually fell asleep.

Sleeping on the bus

Fall photo shoot

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I wanted to get some Fall pictures of the girls, so Tuesday we went to Savage Park to take some pictures among the fall foliage.

Hug on a log

Still hugging among the trees.

Among the trees

Leah was excited about her pretty red leaf.

A leaf!

At the end of the trail was a fun bench in the woods. I love the colors glowing behind the girls.

Back to back

Molly decided to take a rest and find objects in the clouds.

Look up in the sky

Mommy was requested in a picture too!

With Mommy under the trees

We wanted them to sit together, but by the end of the outing, Leah had different ideas.

Give me my space

We told them we could go to Chick-fil-A after the session, so they were excited to head back toward the car. And they just like running through the leaves.

The end

International Day

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Molly's school held an International Day where they had lots of special activities during the day highlighting other countries, and then a special program in the evening for students and their families. They asked Chad to be the official photographer of the event, so he spent the day at Molly's school photographing class activities and assemblies. Here's Molly's class doing the Mexican Hat Dance.

International Day

Nice dancing!

Dance Molly!

Baba Jamal Koram put on a show at a couple assemblies. He's a storyteller who was really engaging. The kids loved the stories and songs.

Baba Jamal Koram

The afternoon assembly had all of Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade. The cafeteria was completely packed, but he had no problem holding their attention.

Packed in

Molly's class also made maracas, but Chad couldn't get back to photograph the action, so she gladly posed after school with her tiny instrument.


Down By the Bay

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Molly came home from school with this book she made and told us she had a show for us. She set up some chairs for Jen, Leah, and I to sit in, then read/sang the book to us. I give the show 5 stars.

Trot for Talbott

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Molly's school held a fun run on Saturday morning to promote active lifestyles. We brought the whole family to participate. Chad ran with Molly and I ran with Leah. Molly and Chad got ahead of us off the bat, but he turned around to get a picture of us before they pulled too far away.

Trot for Talbott

Here's Molly and her friend Catherine at the finish line after the run.

Nice run!

Leah loved the finish line with all the people cheering.

Good job Leah!

The girls loved their medals, and they definitely deserved them. Molly ran the entire mile without stopping. Every other kindergartener would run a bit and then walk a bit, but Molly kept on with a nice steady pace. Leah did great too, though she switched between walking, running, and having me carry her throughout the mile.


After the race, they had lots of other activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Here's Molly climbing the rope at the beginning of the obstacle course (she didn't get very far).


Molly continued the obstacle course on her belly.


They also had other fun activities, and surprisingly both our girls wanted their faces painted.

Face painting

Leah, like Molly, opted for a flower on her cheek. Such a sweet little face!

Nice flower

We were impressed at how well this event was run. In addition to all the activities, the cafeteria was packed with healthy snacks (including Smoothie King samples, Yum!) and every child went home with a t-shirt and a prize. Thanks Talbott Springs for a fun morning!

Back to Cherub Choir

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With the school year back in session, the Cherub Choir is back in full swing. Molly had her first time singing in church for the year today.