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Fun at the mall

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We spent some family time at the mall yesterday. After haircuts for both girls, we had some Chick-fil-a for lunch. The girls quickly scarfed down their chicken nuggets and wanted more. I went to get them some ice cream cones, but Leah couldn't wait for me to return so she had to eat Molly's face.

Mall snack

There's a little bit of something on your face, Leah.

Something on your face

Great new haircuts and ice cream cones - what else could a girl want?

Delicious treats

Her faces crack me up!


The fun at the mall wasn't over. We headed to Build-A-Bear with Christmas gift cards in hand. Here's Leah pressing the pedal to fill her first-ever Build-A-Bear.


Once filled, it was time to put the bear's heart in.

Have a heart

All sewn up and ready to go.

All sewn up

Before looking for some clothes for the bear, Leah had to bathe her bear using the brushes and air blowers. Molly already has a Build-A-Bear, but decided to get a Hello Kitty Smallfry to keep it company in addition to some new clothes.

Bath time

The girls exclaimed our trip to be a super fun day! Molly's off of school today too, so we're headed to Pump It Up and an afternoon playdate for more fun with friends.

One brick at a time

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Molly's had some Legos for some time, but she hasn't been into playing with them until the past couple of weeks. Here she is constructing the Lego Friends Beauty Shop while I took Leah to ballet. Chad was very impressed with how well she focused and followed the directions for the hour and a half it took to build it.


It goes right thereā€¦

Right there

All done and even a nice, calm pose.

All done

Well, the nice, calm pose didn't last long.



Can't stop laughing

Now that construction is complete, she can focus on playing with the completed product.

Play time

My Christmas crafts

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Like the last several years, I handmade several of my Christmas gifts this year. Some of them have made it on the blog already, but many have not. So, I'll share them all.

You may recall that we spent an early Thanksgiving with my family in Memphis. I took the opportunity to give my niece and nephew a few gifts early so they could get the most wear out of them.

Tianna dress

Monster hats

Emmie loved her new Tianna dress!

A new outfit for Emmie

And really, how stinkin' cute are these monster hats?!

Monster hat

I used teacher gifts as yet another reason to use my Silhouette. This Summer Countdown will be a lot of fun for Molly's class.

Teacher gift for Ms. Colella

I also did a bit of baking for the teachers. Leah's two teachers and Molly's three paraeducators loved the cranberry white chocolate cookies.

More teacher gifts

In discussing what to give Pop for Christmas, I thought a nice, large fleece blanket would be useful. So, I made one in Pop's favorite Navy colors.

Fleece blanket for Pop

I found these mini trifle bowls and thought they'd be a perfect gift for Beth. Though I couldn't just leave them plain, so I etched fun desserty words on them.

Etched mini trifle bowls

Beth rarely entertains with just 4 people, so I made her a second set as well.

Can't just have 4

My grandmother likes to hang wreaths on her apartment door, so I made her this yarn wreath with felt flowers. My mail carriers (aka my parents) were glad that it traveled well in a suitcase.

Yarn wreath

For several years, my extended family has made donations or done a service project in honor of another family member. I honored my aunt's passion for enriching teacher's lives by trying to enrich the lives of school children. I made six pillowcases to be "purchased" at the annual Back to School Clothing Drive distribution for underprivileged kids.

Pillowcase donations

And lastly, in light of recent events, I thought these Soon to Be mugs would be a perfect birthday gift for EA.

Birthday mugs

She loved the mugs, and Scott was even more thrilled that he got to share part of EA's gift!

A gift to share

Playing with new toys

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Due to the snow, we spent Boxing Day at home playing with new toys. Leah got some fun salon toys, so the girls had to play with them as soon as they got up.

Hair salon

Molly and Leah enjoy playing Angry Birds on the iPad and iPhone, but now they can play a physical version too. G'Mom and Grampa tested it out with the girls.

Playing Angry Birds

Molly got a bunch of early reader books, but Leah loves them too.

I can read

Molly had to try out her new roller skates inside since the weather outside was not cooperating.

Roller skates

After things calmed down, Molly got to watch Brave for the first time. What better way to watch it than wearing a Rapunzel dress, reclining in a snow sled, eating popcorn?

Watching Brave

We had a nice visit with G'Mom and Grampa. They were able to capture a rare still moment with the girls on the couch.

A rare still moment

A white Christmas, almost.

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It snowed on the 24th, but we were too busy to really play in the snow and not much of it ended up staying on the ground. On the 26th, it snowed again, so the girls and Daddy headed out to have fun in it.

More snow

The girls were excited to use their new snow boots, which helped them to run without slipping and kept their feet very warm.

Nice boots

Of course, their favorite game is "put snow on Daddy" - either by throwing snowballs or by running up to him and smushing it onto him.

Snow on Daddy

They did occasionally take a break from throwing snow on him to throw snow at each other.

Snow on each other

Throwing with your hands is fun, but if you really want good distance, the snowball thrower is what you need.

Nice throw

Here she comes.

Here she comes

Daddy's about to be very cold!

Almost there

It's easier to hit your target when they don't move.

Easy target

A new year, a new uncle

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Chad's family picked up the tradition of doing Christmas Crackers when they lived in England. This year, EA's boyfriend Scott decided to utilize those crackers to give EA something special. Several of us were in on it (Chad was assigned photography duties). Here she is using all her might to pop her cracker. EA - you might want to start working out if a cracker is this strenuous ;).

Pop the cracker

Looks like whatever was in the cracker went flying and is now on the floor. Perhaps Scott will get down on his knee to pick it up.


"Is that what I think it is?"

A ring

"Will you marry me?"

Marry me

I think that's a yes.


It fits!

Putting it on

I think she likes it.

Looks good

The ring utilizes the stone from Grandmother's ring that EA inherited, but the design is custom.

Nice bling

Fancy engagement ring, brand new pearls, paper crown. That's how we roll in our family.

Happy bride-to-be

Awwww, isn't that sweet.

The happy couple