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More subtle than Pepto-Bismol pink

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When we started looking for a house, the girls had only a couple of requests. First, they wanted to share a room and have bunk beds. Secondly, they wanted that room to be pink. They already got their bunk beds, but their room was a very boring neutral color. So, as we got ready to paint a bunch of rooms in our new house, we knew the first one to tackle would be theirs.

The girls wanted pink, but Jen was not up for in-your-face Pepto-Bismol pink. So, Jen found this very pale shade of pink called anemone from Sherwin Williams. Since it was their room, the girls both helped with the painting.

Molly too

They painted for a little bit at the start, but then they got tired. I figured that might be all they did, but they proved me wrong. After a bit of a break, the girls returned with renewed spirits saying they wanted to paint some more.

Happy workers

They even livened things up with an impromptu song.

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Here's the finished room. The girls love that it's pink, and Jen loves that it's a bit more subtle than your average pink room.

Finished product

Vacation Bible School

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Molly and Leah were both able to participate VBS this year. They had a great week at Kingdom Rock, where kids stand strong for God! Jen taught Leah's preschool class, while Molly moved up to the Elementary group, finally getting to fully participate in all the awesomeness of VBS. Per tradition, the kids sang a couple of their songs in church the Sunday following VBS for your and my enjoyment.

Fireworks with friends

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We got together with Chad's family for a 4th of July BBQ, and Grams made this patriotic red, white, and blue trifle. Yum!

4th of July

We didn't see any fireworks on the 4th of July, but we did go with friends to the Laurel fireworks the following Saturday. Molly loves fireworks, and spent most of the time with expressions of amazement on her face.


We weren't too close to the fireworks, but they were still loud. Leah was not a fan of this. Fortunately, she mellowed after a few minutes, and decided to enjoy watching them while covering her ears.

Loud fireworks

Leah even decided to take her hands off her ears after a little while (as long as they didn't get too loud).

No hands

Most of the fireworks ended up bringing a smile to Leah's face and a gasp of joy to Molly.

Standard expressions

Summer is for swimming

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Both girls took swimming lessons for a week. Unlike her older sister, Leah's got no problems with the pool. She loved her swimming lessons.

Swimming lessons

Smiley swimmer

The teacher's got to be a good swimmer to swim with 3 preschoolers on her. The other girl in her class was scared and crying, but Leah was having a great time.

Cruising along

Molly did OK in her lessons, but is still scared of putting her face in the water. She does great as long as she doesn't have to go under, but absolutely refuses to put her face in. So, after making no real progress in the lessons, we've enrolled her in lessons at MarTar Swim School since they specialize in helping kids with water anxiety issues. We'll see how helpful they can be.

Molly swimming

Even though Molly is hesitant in the water, she still loves to go to the pool. She's been dying to go to our new neighborhood pool. So, finally last week we made it one afternoon. Leah's brave swimming needs to rub off on her big sister! Click here to see a video of Leah swimming.

The start of our summer

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We have moved to our new house! We packed the boxes, but hired Perry Moving to move everything. They managed to load the truck, drive to the new house, and unload everything in just over 6 hours. We were amazed with how quick they did it and the brute strength of these guys. Well worth the money to not do it ourselves!

Moving day

Chad made sure to have the girls' new bunk beds set up in the new house for our first night there, and they were so excited. The first few days were a bit of a transition period getting them to actually go to sleep, but they are doing great with it now.

Bunk beds

KyKy's Hawaiian Ice is just outside our neighborhood, so we quickly ventured over to try it out.

Hawaiian Ice

No, Molly's not wearing makeup, but this raspberry ice works just as well as lipstick.

Red lips

The week after we moved, Molly join two of her friends, Allison and Sydney, at Art Camp. They explored art through books and had a great week.

Art camp

At the end of the week, the kids presented their artwork in an art show. Molly was excited to show us everything she had made.

Art show