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Just a glimpse…

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The girls had their ballet photos recently. Leah loves wearing her snowflake costume, but it leaves a trail of feathers wherever she goes!

Sneak peak of our snowflake

You can't help but smile at her.

Such a cutie

Molly's ballet class will be dancing to Be Our Guest, so there will be 10 smiling Belle's dancing on stage.

Be Our Guest

More to come in June…

Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Grammy's Mother's Day present from us was a jar featuring artwork by Molly. She originally drew the artwork on a mug with Sharpies and we baked it, but that was a dismal failure, so this was the backup plan.

Happy Mother's Day Grammy

Grammy looks right at home reading the card to Leah. As a retired school teacher, I'm sure she's done this quite a bit…

Reading to little ones

We gave Grams an invitation to tea at Tea on the Tiber in Ellicott City. This is the moment she realized that EA had put a phony event on her calendar to ensure she was available to go.

Wait a sec...

Happy Mother's Day Mommy

The next weekend, we all had a great time catching up at afternoon tea. It was fun to try many different teas, but Grams's choice of acai berry tea was the winner. Next time, I want to try afternoon tea at Moulin de Paris in Pasadena.

Afternoon tea

Mother’s Day singing

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Download: Normal Quality | HD Quality

Molly and her choir sang three songs at church on Mother's Day. Note that the loudest voice you hear is generally Molly.

Budding Actress

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Download: Normal Quality | HD Quality

Sorry for posting this so long after the fact. It's been a busy year.

In addition to the pictures of Molly making her theatrical debut in a production of Itty Bitty Beauty and the Beast, I got a bit of video of her performance. Enjoy!

Her first “last day of school”

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Today was Leah's last day of school at My First School. Ms. Deb has been a wonderful teacher. Leah has a bit of a stubborn streak in her (ahem, not sure where that comes from!) and early in the year, Ms. Deb's spin on it was that Leah would make a great leader one day. Ha! Leah has loved school and would always insist on giving her teachers great, big hugs every day. She'd even run back in if she forgot.

We're so ready for preschool at ECP this Fall. Leah's super excited to go to "Molly's preschool" and I'm eager to get back into the classroom with Ms. Carol, enough that I even volunteered to be Leah's class coordinator!


She’s a college grad!

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We went down to St. Mary's College of Maryland to see Aunt Caroline graduate on Saturday. We sat so far back, and outside the covered seating, that all we could see were the silhouettes of the graduates. Thanks to Chad's photography, these pictures were like seeing Caroline graduate for the first time.

Lined up and smiling

Going in for the shake and the diploma.

Going for it

Congratulations Aunt Caroline! You've just graduated from college with more honors than anyone else in your family (Major, 2 minors, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa). Well done.


Big smiles for a happy day!




The Sellers family.

The Sellers family

Caroline and Charles, very decorated.

The most honored

After graduation, we went out to lunch at Nicolletti's (which was excellent). They also had a kid's play area, where Molly found this hat and thought it went well with her smocked dress.

Nice hat

A quick picture before we headed back to Caroline's apartment for the most furious 2 hours of packing imaginable (sorry, no pictures of packing).

Graduate and nieces

We love our teachers!

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I may not have had my sewing machine on hand, but I still found a way to be crafty for Teacher Appreciation week. Mod Podge became my new best friend!

Leah has been attending My First School through Howard County RAP. She has had a fabulous year and was so excited to give her teachers their new clipboards.

Teacher appreciation gifts

Molly and Leah both loved helping paint these word blocks for Molly's teacher. They spell at least 14 school related words. I dropped them by the school along with some White Chocolate Macadamia Nut bars. I had to smile when Molly came home with a Thank You note and I read, "Once again, you prove to be the craftiest mom ever!"

Kindergarten word blocks

Spring is in the air

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We've tried to take advantage of some nice, Spring days lately and play outside. Molly tried skating a bit.

Roller skating

She then moved on to biking for the first time this season. She had some trouble here, though we did eventually figure out that she needed the seat raised, the tires inflated, and one of the training wheels adjusted. Once that was done she had a much easier time.

A bit of biking

We had some fun throwing the disc around as well, though Leah didn't exactly throw this one very close to her target (Daddy).


At some point, Leah decided she didn't want to throw the Frisbee any more for no apparent reason.

A little pouting

It didn't take her long to cheer back up, though.

Cheered up

The most fun game of the afternoon was likely "pull the tree branch." This involves a child standing on a step stool and pulling a tree branch, pretending to be a monster.

Pull the tree branch

And if you really pull the tree branch down, you can…


…let go of the branch and watch it spring up into the air.

Let go...