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Simon the snowman

Posted in Leah on March 21st, 2018 by c-had – Be the first to comment

Today was a snow day! No school, and the snow just kept falling. It wasn’t too cold out, the sun was out from time to time, and we got 6-8 inches of snow (I didn’t measure, that’s just from the news). The girls had lots of fun outside in the snow sledding, throwing snowballs, and more. Molly spent most of the day at the twins house, while their little sister Madison spent much of the day at our house with Leah. This afternoon, they decided to build a snowman in the back yard.

After a while, they asked me to give them a hand. This giant snowball was for the snowman’s middle section. It took both of them to carry it over to the base but they couldn’t lift it on top. I helped them lift it on to the base before starting on the head.

Big snowball

Here’s the snowman in progress. This was the best snow for snowman building I think we’ve ever had - very heavy and sticky.

Snowman building

The girls did the face and arms. I tied the tie.

Adding a face

Here are their snowman. As Leah and I finished the big one, Madison decided it needed a small companion. So the big snowman (named Simon by Leah) got a baby.

Final product