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Starting new schools

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Molly is now in high school and Leah is now in middle school. Hard to believe. We're glad they're back in school full time this year, and excited for the new adventures.

First day of 9th grade

First day of 6th grade

Starting High School

Starting Middle School

Starting Middle School


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We went tubing with friends on the lazy Shenandoah River, and had a great time.




I opted to skip the tube and get a kayak instead.

Chad's kayak

After tubing, we had a delicious meal at the Guide House Grill, our favorite place to eat around there.

Guide House Grill

Beach vacation

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We went to Ocean City! G'Mom and Grampa came in town, and we took a vacation to Ocean City with them. We arrived Sunday evening, and walked out to the beach as the sun was going down to check it out and throw some surfer dudes.

Surfer throwing

The next morning it was time for some mini golf followed by beach time.

Mini golf shark

We hit the Ocean City boardwalk the next morning and rented a bike surrey from Bike World. It was a more serious workout than we were expecting and very crowded, but it was fun still fun.

Surrey ride

We spent lots of time at the beach.

Beach kids

Swimming in the ocean

G'Mom brought a new game for us to play - Sequence.


And we had lots of treats.

There was a Dodo edible cookie dough and ice cream shop right near our beach house, so we had to try it out. Not bad.


Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen

Leah saw this Thai style rolled ice cream place off the boardwalk in Ocean City and kept begging to go. Finally we did, and had rolled ice cream for the first time ever. It was awesome. Highly recommended.

Rolled ice cream

And of course got Boardwalk Fries.


Summer Strings Institute

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This year, the Summer Strings Institute put on by the National Philharmonic was back. Leah was accepted into the Prep week (elementary school week) and Molly was selected for their Junior week (middle and early high school). Then Molly was also asked to serve as an intern during Prep week, so for that week both girls were at camp together.

This video is of the end of SSI Prep, including both Leah and Molly.

And here's video of both the chamber music concert and full orchestra concert at the end of SSI Junior.

Both sets of grandparents even came to see the final concert of SSI Junior.

Grandparent attendees

Great job girls!