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Seven years ago…

Posted in News on July 27th, 2009 by jen – 4 Comments

Chad and I were married seven years ago today, but we've been together for almost 12! It's been a wonderful journey together, and I know it's only going to get better!

If you're feeling nostalgic and want to relive our grand day, you can see pictures here.

Molly’s big girl room

Posted in Molly on July 26th, 2009 by jen – 7 Comments

We've been working for the past few weeks to turn our once Office/Guest room into Molly's big girl room. We finally finished the transition today. Chad made these panoramic photos so you could get the feel of the room.

Chad worked all week to sand and paint these formerly stained table and dresser. They turned out great! I originally volunteered to do this, but the lady at Sherwin Williams vetoed that.

After Molly woke up from her nap, we showed her the room, and all she wanted to do was play in there!

She is now asleep in her new bed. She did great with the bedtime routine, so let's hope she sleeps tight until morning! You can see more detailed pictures here.

Tire playground

Posted in Field trips, Molly on July 23rd, 2009 by jen – 3 Comments

Yesterday we met Jake and Josie at Patapsco Valley State Park Tire Playground. The kids had a great time climbing through and over the tires. They played hard and only after an hour were tired (ha!) and ready to head home.

Batson Christmas 2009

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Michelle B.Susan
SadieMichelle B.
Michelle L.Ann
MaggieMichelle L.
EveryoneEmily & Leah

Sweet little face

Posted in Pregnancy on July 10th, 2009 by jen – 3 Comments

We had yet another follow-up ultrasound last week. Everything looked great with Baby Girl. She is measuring right on track, and is roughly 3.5 lbs. They were able to print some 3D images of her for us, so here's another glimpse of her sweet little face.

Savannah trip

Posted in Family visits, Molly, Trip on July 9th, 2009 by jen – 3 Comments

We spent an extra long 4th of July weekend in Savannah. Molly did incredibly well on the 11+ hour drive. We didn't even have to use the portable DVD player! Chad's Grandaddy lives on the water, which makes for lots of fun and relaxation.

Molly had a great time exploring baby crabs,

gazing into the water and watching boats ride by,

running on the dock,

and most importantly, relaxing with Daddy in the hammock.

We saw a lot of family since most of Chad's family lives in Savannah, but I think Molly had the best time with cousin Aidan.

And Molly was still looking as cute as ever!

You can see the rest of the pictures from our trip here.

Memphis trip

Posted in Crafts, Family visits, Molly, Trip on July 1st, 2009 by jen – 3 Comments

Last week, Molly and I ventured to Memphis for a visit with G'Mom, Grampa, Aunt 'Chelle, and Emmie. If you saw me in the airport, you would have thought I was a crazy woman - toddler in stroller, diaper bag, purse, carseat in carrying case, and hugely pregnant! We spent 4 days visiting and had lots of adventures.

First we painted plates at Paint a Piece using paint brushes, hands, and feet.

Then we went swimming in a neighbor's pool. Molly's favorite part was squirting Grampa with the water gun.

We started out our second full day with some blueberry picking at Nesbit Blueberry Plantation. Molly did a great job and found lots of good blueberries hidden on the underside of the bushes.

That evening, after eating some home-made blueberry ice cream, Mom, Michelle and I combined all of our craft talents and worked together to make a tag blanket for baby girl #2.

Any time Emmie was playing on the floor, Molly liked playing with her. I hope this is a sign of how great of a big sister she will be!

There are a lot more pictures from our trip. You can view them here.