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School days dress

Posted in Sewing on September 30th, 2010 by jen – 2 Comments

As previously mentioned, Molly started preschool last week. I made her this peasant-style dress and thought the "Hopscotch Girls" fabric would be perfect for her first day. Being three, she couldn't wait to actually wear it on her first day, so she and Daddy had a photo shoot in her new dress last month.

School fashions

And why are Molly's hands up, you might ask.

Hands up

It's a fun game of stick throwing, where Molly has a great time throwing the stick in the air.

Stick throwing

This game of throwing the stick in the air and while Chad took her picture went on for about 15 minutes.

And still loving it

I'm linking up to Strut Your Stuff Thursday at Somewhat Simple so you can see other crafters newest creations.

Deliveries from the farmer

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We've been getting deliveries from South Mountain Veggies and South Mountain Creamery for several weeks. Every Thursday morning it's like Christmas on our porch to see what "the farmer" brings!

From the farmer

Some weeks I've had to be more creative in my cooking in order to use what comes in our share. I made pizza from scratch one night. Homemade tomato sauce, homemade whole wheat crust, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh red onions, fresh garlic, and some mozzarella. Yum.

Homemade pizza

I've also cooked some new things like eggplant and fennel, and one of the best things is that Chad has come around to tomatoes now that they are ├╝ber fresh.

And so it begins…

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The days of waking up early for school! Molly was so excited for her first day of preschool.

1st day of preschool

It's important to practice thinking before going off to school for the first time.

Deep thought

The teacher's report at the end of the day was that in her 10 years it was her best first day - no tears and no accidents! By Molly's second day, she ran in without a hug or kiss goodbye, and I got merely a wave without even a look back. Hello Miss Independent! It's going to be an exciting adventure for us all.

All a flutter

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Leah is turning One,

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes

Flutter by and join the fun!

Butterfly decorations

We celebrated Leah's birthday with family and friends last weekend. Leah wore her Mommy-made party dress and a festive butterfly bow. Despite still being sick (we discovered later this was the roseola virus), Leah shared some smiles at her birthday party.

The birthday girl

Upon arrival, each child at the party got a butterfly wand.

Butterfly wands

The bigger kids enjoyed playing with the butterfly shaped bubble wands.

Bubble wands

Despite big sister's enthusiasm, Leah wasn't so sure about being sung to.

Not so sure about this

After a good nap and a snack, Leah was ready to open a few gifts.

What's this?

There's our happy girl! Leah loves her new Dora ride-on toy, and often thinks it's cool to ride backward.

There's our happy girl

And for those interested, all the personalized party printables were bought from Bird Crafts.

Field Day 2010

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We finally had Young Adult Field Day 2010 - the day of silly games our small group at church gets together for every year. It was originally planned for June (as it has been in previous years), but we delayed it so more people would be in town for it. The games include the egg race, the sack race, the 3-legged race, the hop along race, the dizzy-bat tricycle race, the dizzy-bat basketball race, the water balloon launch, the toilet-seat toss, the giant golf shot, and the tug-of-war. Lots of fun was had by all,

First up - the egg race. Here are Sandy and Michelle showing us how the transfer is done after Michelle's leg of the race.

Field Day 2010

The sack race requires less precision, but you can still get going a bit too quick as Christy demonstrates here.

Might want to slow down

Jen and Leah came until it was Leah's nap time (though they didn't participate in the games). Molly hung out the whole time and spent much of the time playing with Diana, including a lot of bouncing on the hop along.

Hop along bouncing

I managed to even get a group shot of almost everyone (by telling them they couldn't start eating the pizza until they took it :).

The participants

A good time was had by all. I'm already looking forward to next year, though maybe I'll practice riding Molly's tricycle a bit before then to get ready.

Birthday baby doll

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Leah has taken a liking to Molly's baby doll, so for Leah's birthday Molly gave her her own baby doll.

Her own baby doll

Unfortunately, Leah woke up with a fever on her birthday, so she was not her usual happy self that day. Getting this gift was one moment of being cheerful on a generally down day.

Brief moment of happiness

A new sport

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Molly has begun a "gyn-nastics" class. She loves for Daddy to jump and swing her, so this is a great new sport for her. There are 5 kids in the class and they do a great job of listening to Miss Amanda. Leah and I hang out and watch from the waiting room.

Molly's new sport

She now likes walking on any curb to practice her balancing skills.

I am balancing

As you can see, there are many, many classes going on simultaneously. (Pay no attention to the woman and baby in the mirror!)

Above the bar

After quizzing Molly after this class, swinging from the bar was her favorite part!

Below the bar

A surprise feature

Posted in Sewing on September 15th, 2010 by jen – 1 Comment

I was pleasantly surprised to see my sweet Leah featured on Prudent Baby's project round-up for the button collar dress I made. Go check it out!

Leah’s first steps

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Leah's started taking steps. She's not fully walking yet, but she'll take a step or two. I happened to get her longest jaunt so far on video a few days ago.

Preschool visit

Posted in Molly on September 10th, 2010 by c-had – 1 Comment

While everyone else is starting school, Molly's still got a week and a half before she starts preschool. They've been renovating this summer, and are not quite done. But, they had an open house today to show off the new digs as the final touches are completed. Molly was thrilled to get to go check out her school.

Preschool visit

Leah seemed to think she was ready for school too. Sorry Leah, you've got a couple years.

Not quite yet, Leah

The school is loaded with fun stuff, and Molly just kept running around and getting excited about everything. Here she found a bin full of hats and modeled a firefighter hat for me.

Hat bin

Ms. Carol, Molly's teacher, was great and Molly warmed up to her and Ms. Jodi very quickly. Here's Ms. Carol reading a story to Molly and Leah.

Story time

Molly can't wait to start school. I think it's going to be tough to keep her patient over the next week and a half before school starts.