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Our church had their annual Halloween party on Sunday. Molly has been so excited to dress up in her butterfly fairy costume. She asked me one night if she could have a magic wand to go with her costume because Dora on her toothbrush is dressed as a fairy and she has a wand. So, we made a trip to Target and found a butterfly wand. Leah was dressed as a sweet strawberry.

The party had a lot of things going on including Donut Swing, where you were supposed to catch a swinging donut with only your mouth. Here's what Molly immediately did...

Molly also tried to toss ping-pong balls into goldfish bowls, and decorated a bag, but the highlight was the Trunk-or-Treat. We kept asking Molly if she could say "Trick-or-Treat" and she'd enthusiastically say "Yes" but never say those three words!

Happy early Halloween from a butterfly fairy, a strawberry, and a scarecrow!

You can see all the pictures here.


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We had Chad's family over for some Auburn/LSU tailgating. Aunt EA tried to be a bad influence by giving Molly an LSU shaker.

Fortunately, Molly and Leah know who to cheer for!

Our Auburn family.

Being a big sister

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Molly is really getting the hang of being a big sister. She likes to bring Leah toys, cover her in a "blanket," read stories to her, rock her, and many other things that aren't in this video as well.


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We had a great visit with Uncle J, Aunt 'Chelle, and Cousin Emmie. Molly had a lot of fun playing with Emmie, and of course had to tell Emmie what to do. Here Molly thinks Emmie is making too much noise at lunch, and makes sure she knows it.

Photo shoot

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We had a little home photo shoot with Leah.


And the winning shot...

Leah meets more family

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Aunt 'Chelle, Uncle J and Emmie were in town last weekend to meet Leah. Michelle scheduled their trip for 10 days plus 2 weeks after my due date and it's a good thing she did! It gave us a few days at home by ourselves in between G'Mom and Grampa leaving and them arriving.

Michelle kept saying that Leah was so snuggly!

Leah wasn't sure what to make of Uncle J.

Emmie was the baby of the family for several months, but was happy to transfer that power (by laying on of hands, of course) to Leah.

This was our best attempt at a picture of the three little girls. Apparently, Emmie thinks Leah needs to lean in as well.

You can see more pictures from their visit here.