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New tennis dress

Posted in Leah, Sewing, Sports on May 6th, 2016 by c-had – Be the first to comment

Leah has been asking about getting a tennis dress, not skirts like she currently owns. So, Jen decided to upcycle one of her t-shirts and make a new tennis dress for Leah.

New tennis dress

Tennis is fun when you have on a new tennis dress.

Loving tennis

Follow the ball

Nice form

Keep your eye on the ball

She loves tennis (just like me)!

Another tooth bites the dust

Posted in Leah on May 3rd, 2016 by c-had – Be the first to comment
Another tooth bites the dust

Last night Leah lost her third tooth. I was not home, but Jen was. Here’s the story as Leah tells it (Jen may not tell it exactly the same way).

The tooth has been wiggly for weeks. Last night, Leah was trying to pull it out and got it most of the way detached. It hurt a lot and she cried, but she kept pulling anyway. It was still hanging on tight in one place, though, and was bleeding a lot. Jen then tried to finish pulling it out, but was too freaked out to do it. So, Leah grabbed it and pulled, and eventually got it out. After she stopped crying and got the bleeding under control, she was all smiles.