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Come “Sip and See”

Posted in Food, Sewing on February 28th, 2011 by jen – 3 Comments

This weekend, I helped host a "Sip and See" for my friend, Emily, and her baby girl, Camille. Sip and See's are not common here, so it was a great way for us to bring a little Texas to Maryland for Emily.

I volunteered to make these monogrammed cookies. (And unlike what some may have thought, the C was not for Chad or Christy!)

C is for...

The guests were offered lots of tasty sweets while waiting to see the sweet baby!

The party spread

Christy, myself, Kathy and Helen with the honorees, Emily and Camille.

The hosts and honorees

I also made a bubble outfit and matching headband for Camille. Hopefully, it will fit her when the weather is warm. The pattern ran a bit bigger than I was expecting.

A bubble for the baby

The secret revealed

Posted in Sewing on February 24th, 2011 by jen – 6 Comments

I've been participating in a Secret Sister program with my MOMS Club. For 4 weeks I secretly left gifts for my "sister" on her doorstep. The gifts were to be all about Mom!

Week 1 - Deliver a $5 gift
Week 2 - Deliver a homemade baked gift
Week 3 - Deliver a "free" gift (recipes, magazine or book you already read, scrapbooking extras, etc.)
Week 4 - Reveal with another $5 gift

Last night was our reveal party, so I made my "sister" a cute gathered clutch.

Gathered clutch

And I finally got to use the new fabric labels that I made.

New sewing labels

Saxoflute concert

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Molly wasn't the only one performing yesterday. Leah showed off a bit of her saxoflute skills as well.

The whole world in His hands

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Molly decided tonight that she wanted to sing into my microphone, so we found a song and she gave a performance. The foot-tapping thing is new, and often accompanied by a hand on the hip.

Operation Cookie Bake

Posted in Food on February 10th, 2011 by jen – 6 Comments

This week, Molly and I embarked on Operation Cookie Bake. I volunteered to bake cookies for both our MOMS Club Valentine's party and Molly's preschool Valentine's celebration - 6 dozen in total! I decorated half of them, and found inspiration here, here and here. I had a great time creating all my mini masterpieces!

Operation Cookie Bake


Snippets of our days

Posted in Leah, Molly on February 7th, 2011 by jen – Be the first to comment

Molly recently taught Leah to play ring-around-the-rosie.


Leah's favorite part is the falling down. She's been walking around since saying, "ashees, ashees, dall dall down!"

All fall down

While Molly may be a big fan of modern touch devices like the iPad and iPhone, she has started occasionally doing some old school computing with my laptop. Here she is playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse games on the Playhouse Disney website.

Old school computing

A fun dessert

Posted in Food on February 6th, 2011 by jen – 7 Comments

February 3rd was Elmo's birthday. That evening I brought dinner to my friend, Emily, who recently had a sweet baby girl. I decided to make them a fun dessert in honor of the furry guy. They were a hit with the 3 year old big brother!

And don't worry, I did make cupcakes for my own 3 year old, just not quite as fancy. Though she loved them just as much!

A fun dessert

Spinning art

Posted in Kid crafts, Leah, Playdates on February 5th, 2011 by jen – 3 Comments

On Monday, we had friends over to make a thaumatrope. It's an optical illusion created with two spinning pictures.

Spinning art

Leah is coloring one side - a snowman.

Leah coloring

Rachel is coloring the other side - a hat, scarf and gloves.

Rachel coloring

And here is what happens when you spin the images - a snowman dressed with his hat, scarf and gloves!

The illusion