Imaginations at play

The girls and I headed to Port Discovery Children's Museum with our playgroup this week. Leah loved playing in the Wonders of Water room.

Port Discovery

Molly and Simon had fun filling this cylinder causing it to spin due to the power of water.


A couple of our playgroup dad's came along for the fun too. Zach is doing a great job overseeing the boat building.

Building boats

The museum has three floors of exhibits for the kids to discover. Any kind of "shopping" area was a hit!

To market we go

While the big kids played in the three story tree house, the toddlers checked out the new Tot Trails exhibit. Leah liked making these pegs light up.

Just for Tots

And she thought it was fun to sit in these seats that looked a lot like turtle shells.

Shell seats

What happened to waiting until 16 before she got behind the wheel?

Driving to the store

The Music Studio was great. They loved playing with the Boomwhackers and the big drum.

Fun with music

Queen for a day...or may be just a moment!

Queen for a day

Before we left, the kids requested to play in the Wonders of Water room again. Standing inside the big bubble was a must-do since you've already seen that Molly loves bubbles!

A big bubble

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