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Bake. Decorate. Donate.

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This week I hosted a Drop In & Decorate party for my MOMS Club. The idea is simple: decorate sugar cookies, then donate them to a local non-profit agency. The kids had a great time using squirt bottles to decorate the sugar cookies.

Drop In & Decorate

The kids also painted icing on the cookies.

Painting cookies

The moms joined in on the decorating fun too!

Moms joining in

More decorating fun

Decorating is serious business!


Throughout the day, over 40 kids and moms came to the house to decorate. Molly loved having so many friends to play with!

A full house

We had some creative designs created on the cookies.

Fun designs

Cookies = happiness

Everyone had such fun decorating that before I knew it we were out of cookies! In the end, over 200 cookies were decorated. The dining room was so colorful and smelled heavenly!

Colorful cookies

The cookies dried overnight and the next day we wrapped and boxed them for donation.

Wrapping cookies

I delivered 125 bags of sweet treats to the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

A sweet treat

The party was a huge success! Several moms talked about hosting a party with their Girl Scouts and military wives groups. The great thing about these Drop In & Decorate parties is that you can have 5 people or 40 people. If you are interested too, all the information and resources to do so is on the Drop In & Decorate website.

Princess party

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Molly and many of her school friends attended a Princess party and all came dressed for the occasion. Here's Molly at the top of the tower (which yes, is normally a climbing wall).

Princess party

They played lots of princess-themed games. Here the girls are sweeping like Cinderella in a relay race.

Princess games

They were read several princess stories throughout the party.

Princess stories

And finally, the girls went on a treasure hunt through tunnels and over balance beams...

Treasure hunt

which ended a top the castle with princess wands for all!

A top the castle

I made a chef's hat and apron for the birthday girl. Molly happily modeled it, then proceeded to indicate that she needs a hat to match her apron too!

Chef's hat and apron

Leah’s 1 year portraits

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I know I'm a bit late in posting these, but I wanted to share Leah's 1 year portraits.

Leah 1 year portrait

Leah(+Molly) 1 year portrait

Whoo whoo Boo’d you?

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My MOMS Club decided to spread a little Halloween cheer and sneak in the shadows to surprise each other with goodies. I saw these owl towels a few months ago and decided that they would be the perfect gift for Boo'ing. So, surprise Courtney and Amanda, it was me!

Owl towels


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After trunk-or-treating, we went over to Simon's house to trick-or-treat in his neighborhood. Simon, Molly, and Keira are ready to go.

Ready to trick-or-treat

Leah and Matilda are ready to go as well, electing to ride in the wagon instead of walk like their older siblings.

Ready to ride

Best buds holding hands. So cute!

Holding hands

The big kids were pros at trick-or-treating since they had practice together last year.

Trick or treat

Simon was generally 10 yards ahead of everyone, but Molly did take the lead briefly in order to get to knock on a door.

Knocking at the door

We made the kids pose for this picture before they were allowed to dig into their candy!

All the kiddos

A busy Halloween

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Halloween got started early with trick-or-treating at Grams and Pop's house.

Trick-or-treat, Grams

Per Molly's request, Leah was a banana. So, here's our cute, little peeled banana.

Peeled banana

Everyone posed for a quick pic before heading to our next Halloween destination.

Happy Halloween

We then headed to church where they had lots of Halloween games for kids. Molly showed off her basketball skills.

Games at church

Leah got in on the playing as well.

Leah playing

Simon and Matilda came to the party too.

With friends

Molly picked all of our costumes. She first decided she wanted to be a monkey, then that Leah had to be a banana to accompany her. Then, she decided that Chad and I would be trees for her to climb on (banana trees, to be specific). We borrowed Molly's monkey costume, but I made the rest. We even took the prize for best family costume.

Family costume

After the games, we went outside for trunk-or-treating.


This led to lots and lots of candy.

Lots of candy

Halloween in class

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Since Molly's now in preschool, she gets to celebrate Halloween with her class. Parents were invited to come see them recite a couple poems and sing a song. As you can see, Molly was a bit excited. If you think you're hearing some extra voices, you're right, as there are more kids off to the right that I couldn't fit in the shot.