First middle school orchestra concert

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Back in November, Molly had her first middle school orchestra concert. It’s a whole new level of professionalism, complete with uniforms. They were great!

Middle school orchestra

Middle school orchestra concert

Middle school orchestra concert

First day of school

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It’s the day after Labor Day, which means it’s the first day of school! It’s a big day for our house, as Molly is now in middle school!!! We can no longer pretend that this isn’t happening. I guess we really had to stop pretending last week at 6th grade orientation.

Middle School Orientation

Middle school means our mornings are now earlier, as middle school starts an hour earlier than elementary, and also requires a bus ride instead of walking around the block. So, there is no picture of her with her sister, as Leah is still asleep.

First day of middle school

There were of course pictures with kids on the block.

Middle school friends

Middle schoolers on the block

And then waiting at the bus stop. We have so many kids around us that her bus stop is ridiculous. I counted 35 kids at the stop. It’s the first stop, and fills more than half the bus.

Bus stop

Then it was time to wake up Leah. She’s very excited about this start of 3rd grade.

First day of 3rd grade

One of the main reasons she is excited is that Madison is finally in her class.

3rd grade friends

We got a picture with some of the elementary kids on the block.

Elementary kids on the block

And of course with the wildcat.


And then she was off to class. Not only is Madison in her class, but lots of her other friends are too. And not only that, her teacher is Mr. Chen who Molly had and Leah has wanted ever since.

Best class

When Leah got home, she said it was the “best first day ever”!

Last day of school

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After what seemed like a very long school year (mostly due to snow days slowly chipping away at spring and summer break), the last day of school finally arrived on June 19. Molly and Leah were happy about this.

Last day party

Oh wait, that’s not the right picture. Here you go.

Last day of school

Molly’s final picture with the sign out front of elementary school.

Sign picture

5th grade promotion

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Molly was called on again to play in an ensemble at school. This time, it was to play Pomp and Circumstance (and some other songs) at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

Promotion ensemble

Promotion music

Molly walked across the stage and shook hands with the principal, signifying the completion of her elementary school journey. She’s ready for middle school.

Shaking hands with the principal

Simulated Congressional Hearing

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The 5th graders prepared all year for a major event - Simulated Congressional Hearing. They learned about government, and then invited community leaders to serve as congressional committees. The kids formed expert panels to testify in front of the congressional committees. Parents came to observe. I volunteered as a photographer (and Jen helped with the food). There were a lot of people there.

Simulated Congressional Hearing

Molly and the rest of the 5th grade chorus sang Hats Off to America, including some custom made patriotic hats.

Patriotic chorus

Here's the committee Molly testified in front of.

Molly's committee

Molly's expert panel is ready to testify. They testified on the subject of why the American colonies went to war against the British.

Expert panel



All done

After their initial testimony, the committees asked the kids questions to probe further into their subject.

Answering questions

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

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The girls' school had a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast to all the parents who helped out during the year. Molly was picked as part of a select ensemble to play for us.

Ninja Warrior Field Day

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This year, the elementary school went all out for field day. They made it Ninja Warrior themed, and we love Ninja Warrior. We even went to a Ninja gym back in February to work on our ninja skills.


Jen and I both worked Field Day as we have in previous years. It was a lot of fun. I don’t have a lot of pictures, but here’s one of Leah running the obstacle course.

Ninja Warrior Field Day

Beauty and the Beast

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Leah was a narrator and villager in Beauty and the Beast at school. Jen did a great job making her awesome costume.

Narrator and villager

Here are a few pictures. You can see more at Flickr.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

And here’s the whole show.

Lastly, here’s Leah and her cheering section (not including the man behind the camera).

Fan base

Evening of Excellence

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We went to the Evening of Excellence at the girls school to see all the stuff they’ve been working on. This included an enrichment fair with lots of fun projects.

We got to see the geocity that Molly, Grace, and Tatum had been working on. It’s a model of Hogwarts built with geometric shapes.


Leah and I created the Sellers Scratcher - a working electric back scratcher, which was a big hit at the enrichment fair. I only had to fix it once (with the super glue I brought along just in case).

Sellers Scratcher

Molly’s scale project (where the kids use a grid to scale up a drawing) was of everyone’s favorite droid - R2-D2.

Scale project

All the second grade bottle buddies were on display. Serena was awesome.

Bottle Buddy

Our roller coaster engineering project was also on display alongside the ride from the other team at our school. Molly and Grace gave a great demonstration of it.

Roller coaster

Each 5th grader created a book report with illustrated cover. Molly did hers on the first Magnus Chase book.

Book report

Book Report

We had so much stuff to bring home, our car was full.

Teacher appreciation

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The girls and Jen did a great job on their teacher appreciation poster for our fantastic media specialist (library teacher). For those unfamiliar, this is a reference to the fantastic book Dragons Love Tacos, including a wonderful dragon drawn by Molly.

Teacher appreciation