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Halloween singing

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On Friday, Molly's preschool class had their Halloween party at school. Included was a show for us parents with some lovely singing. Here's a taste of what we got. Please excuse the audio, as it was outside and airplanes were, as usual, flying overhead.

October snow

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Despite having a mostly warm Fall so far, we were greeted by snow falling yesterday. Yes, snow in October - crazy. The ground was way to warm for it to stick at all, but it was coming down pretty good for a little bit. Very wet snow so it was falling fast. Here's a short clip of it from our front door.

Field trip to the Farm

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I chaperoned Molly's class field trip to Clark's Elioak Farm this week. The kids started off the morning with a hay ride, keeping an eye out for silly-faced trees. Molly must have spotted one!

Clark's Farm field trip

The hay ride ended at the Pumpkin Patch. All the pumpkins were the perfect size for preschoolers.

Pumpkin patch

Molly picked up at least 4 pumpkins stating, "No, that's too heavy" before she settled on one.

She found the one

Our tour guide brought out several animals for the kids to pet. Molly is always hesitant to pet animals, but she took a chance with this baby chick.

Petting a baby chick

If petting the baby chick was a stretch for Molly, feeding the goats was definitely out. However, her classmates had a fun time handing out the snacks.

Feeding the goats

The line up.

The line up

Cinderella and her Prince(ss)

Cinderella and her Prince

What could they be saying…Molly: "What was your favorite part?" Taryn: "Hmmm, let me think about that…"

Talking it out

And finally…16 bumps on a log!

16 bumps on a log

A bit of indoor fun

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As the season has changed, we've had more indoor play. Leah's jamming and dancing, with the hat on backwards and Molly's boots on the wrong feet. Note that this was not staged at all, but rather just what Leah decided to do (which is why the hat is pulled down so far).

Rock star

Foam stickers provide lots of fun and creative stories.

Indoor play

So, Leah joined in as well.

Leah with stickers too

After the stickers were applied, the girls moved from the table to the counter to draw in some more details.

Stage 2

Molly's really enjoying her science kit. It clearly takes a lot of concentration when mixing colors in a petri dish using droppers.

Budding scientist

Lakeside photos

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Since Leah hit the big two year mark recently, we decided to have a little photo shoot around Lake Elkhorn. It was a bit shorter than we intended as we underestimated how much sun was left in the day, but fun regardless.

Four and Two

Molly had a haircut at the same time as Leah. Here she is sporting her new look.

Nice haircut

Walking hand in hand

Walking hand in hand

Leah, on a bridge

Leah, on a bridge

The girls decided the bridge was excellent for dancing. Not excellent for looking at the camera, but excellent for dancing.

Bridge dancing

Who's over there? They must be very entertaining!

Who's over there

Molly, Queen of the Rock! Leah? Not so sure.


Leah’s new ‘Do

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We have been unable to tame Leah's hair lately, so I decided it was time for Leah's first "official" haircut. She did great (yes, we love Cartoon Cuts), and her hair is now a bit more manageable and even curlier than before.

First "official" haircut

You can see her new 'Do from our time at the playground on Saturday. To our surprise, we had the "dinosaur playground" all to ourselves. Leah loves the swings, as always, and has now learned how to run and swing by herself.

Playground fun

Leah enjoyed being 8 feet up in the air and stepping out onto the first rung of a curved ladder. Yes, Chad told her to avoid it as she's not old enough to handle it yet. Yes, that's probably why she's smiling.

It's fun to scare Daddy

Cherub Choir

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Now that Molly's four, she's old enough to join the Cherub Choir at church (consisting of preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids). Today was her first performance, and I even got to join in accompanying them on guitar. There's quite a few kids, so I recommend watching in HD to see them a bit better.

Sunday smiles

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While I was at the grocery store on Sunday, the girls had some fun playtime with Daddy. First, a bit of coloring. Molly decided that she needed to finish coloring her Sunday school paper.

Bit of coloring

Then some dancing. Maracas are fun, especially if you can dance around an alphabet mat with one.

Maracas are fun

And then smiles from behind the couch,

Peeking over

and from hiding under a blanket. Surprise!


This is the song that doesn’t end

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We thought this might go on forever, but she eventually fell asleep ;)

Dresses and Decor

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If you've been following us the last few weeks, you'll recognize these alphabet dresses. I searched high and low for cute ABC fabric to make them for Leah's birthday party. Leah's is the Brynne dress from Brynnberlee Designs.

Birthday dress

Molly got double use of of hers and wore it on the first day of school too.

Big sister's ABC dress

I used the same Simplicity pattern as Molly's to make a dress for her friend, Caroline.

A dress for Caroline

I'm starting to transition the baby bedding out of Leah's room, so I made her a new window valance. It matches the twin quilt that my aunt is working on for Leah.

Leah's new valance