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For the love of cookies!

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On Monday, I hosted my second Drop In & Decorate party. The idea is simple: decorate sugar cookies, then donate them to a local non-profit agency.

My sous-chefs helped me prep our sugar cookies. I had 5 other moms baking for me and in total we had 18 dozen cookies to decorate!

Prepping cookies

The moms and kids were invited to drop in during the day and decorate for as long as they liked.

A cookie party

Molly enjoyed using a rainbow of colors on all her cookies.

One color is not enough

Leah and I worked together to decorate.


Adding sprinkles was a must. And even now that I have swept the floors three times, those sprinkles keep showing up!

Looking out for little brother

It was fun to watch and see what each of the kids created.

Watching the artist

Even the moms got into the decorating spirit.

Fun for moms too

Lots of giggles and laughter came from this table!

A table of friends

The kids were allowed to eat one cookie after they finished decorating. Apparently, the full plate of sprinkles were part of the deal too.

Sprinkles, yum!

Here's a sample of the decorated cookies.

A select few

In the end, thirty moms and kids decorated approximately 200 cookies to donate to Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center.

200 cookies later

Thank you to all of my cookie volunteers for making our party such a huge success!

It’s Carnival time!

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I hosted our annual Mardi Gras party again this year, though it was a low-key celebration with just our playgroup. Leah clearly thought the icing was the best part of the King Cake.

The best part of the cake

The girls and I dressed for the occasion, sporting our Mardi Gras beads and necklaces.

Three festive girls

Girls like green too

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Our friends, Chris and Elizabeth, had a baby recently, so I made this Naomi dress for their little girl. When Chad delivered the dress, Chris was very appreciative that it was a color other than pink!

Dress for Anna

A closeup of the sleeve details.

A close up of the sleeve

One of EA's best friends also had a little girl, so I made this Whitley dress for baby Cate.

Dress for Cate

100 Years of Magic!

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We headed to 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore to see Disney on Ice, and were joined by Molly's friend Riley and her mom Heather. The girls are ready for the show.

Ready for the show

The show has begun and Leah's excited to see it.

Fun stuff

Despite all the princesses, Molly still said her favorite part was Mickey and Minnie. They mostly served as guides through the many stories that were told/skated.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie always bring a smile to Molly's face.


The finale.

The finale

It’s winter?

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This winter's been so warm. Days of 67 degrees at a time of year where we're usually not getting out of the 30s! So, we've had some additional outdoor play. Here's Molly giving Leah a little push on the tricycle after they finished throwing the frisbee, blowing bubbles, and drawing with chalk.

It's winter?

Leah, you're about to drive off the driveway. You might want to pull the crown up a bit to see where you're going.

Scary driver

Sprinting down the hill.


Runing down together, holding hands. Very sweet. I wonder if their speed difference will cause any problems?

Leah too

Not surprisingly, Leah took a small tumble. Don't worry, she was fine.

Leah is down

Little ballerinas

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Chad checked out one of Leah's dance classes and snapped a few photos. These pictures are shot through small glass panes in a door, so they're not the best shots, but they give an idea of the class. Here's Leah paying attention to her teacher at the beginning of class.

Paying attention

They play a bit with musical instruments, like the maraca she has here.


They also play with stuffed animals, moving them around and placing them in different locations like on their bellies.


Leah's got her wand and skirt on and is getting into character in the fairy dance.

Fairy dance

Leah loves to walk on her toes, which comes in handy at dance class.

Spotlight dance

She’s a pro on stage

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Molly sang with her choir again today in church. They sang three songs at two different services and loved it all the way. You can also see pictures on Flickr.