Making memories in Memphis

Molly had a couple days off from school, so we spent a long weekend in Memphis with my family. Friday morning, we headed to some nearby trains to play. I think this one is haunted with the ghost of Leah.

Ghost train

Kids and grandparents, on an old train.


A festive photo.

Pumpkin pic

JJ loves his "Yayyee".


The trains were right beside a lovely square with pretty red flowers,


and lots of room to run!


These girls had so much fun together.

Swings are fun

So much so that Molly just had to jump for joy!

Jump for joy

JJ's getting pretty good at playing with Legos.


We decided to go bowling with the whole family while in Memphis. Leah and Molly loved it. Leah needed a bit of help, but was excited to bowl the entire time.


We had to keep telling Molly to be patient for the guard to lift because she was so excited to bowl that she couldn't wait.

Molly bowling

Not sure if this was a spare or a strike, but Chad caught the excitement either way.

Got 'em all

We had a night-time dance party at G'Mom and Grampa's house. What you can't see is that the room was dark except for a small disco ball.

Strike a pose

Leah is doing The Raspberry Scare, while Emmie is doing Pretzel Arms.

Nice moves

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