Fall has arrived, Let’s be festive!

We kicked off this year's Halloween festivities with our neighborhood's Fall Festival on Saturday. Molly requested that I make her a Belle dress (from Beauty and the Beast). Leah has been talking about being Merida (from Brave) for months, so we borrowed a crazy Merida wig from a friend to complete the look. Leah kept asking, "Why do you keep laughing, Mom?" I just couldn't get over all that hair!

Halloween week begins

The neighborhood party included a costume parade. Molly and Leah walked hand in hand.

Costume parade

They then decorated some pumpkins,

Pumpkin decorating

which included stickers and markers for decorating.

Pumpkin face

There was also a DJ who did lots of fun activities. Molly did not want to participate in the hula hoop contest, but she did want to play with them after it was over. Yes, she's hula hooping with 4 hoops there.

Hula hoops

They had 2 moon bounces - 1 traditional one for those 4 and under, and one obstacle course for the bigger kids. Molly must have gone through this 50 times. She had so much fun!

Moon bounce

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