Trunk-or-Treat is back!

Sunday was our second day of Halloween festivities. We traditionally trick-or-treat Grams's house on Halloween, but given how late Molly gets out of school and the fact that Halloween is a school day, we had to move it up a bit.

Halloween festivities, day 2

We paused for a quick picture with Grams before heading back to church for more festivities.

With Grams

After a two year hiatus, Trunk-or-Treat was back at our church. Before the treating began, there were some fun activities. Molly's making a spider from two hand tracings.


Leah had a bit of trouble eating the donut at the donut swing. She eventually got a bit, but then decided that was enough and pulled the rest off.

Donut swing

Then it was time to go outside to Trunk-or-Treat. There were lots of great cars with lots of treats. The girls' bags were full by the end.

Trunk or Treat

Between Leah's wig and Pastor Matt's beard, there's a lot of hair in this picture.

Lots of hair

Leah ended up winning a prize for one of the best costumes thanks to her giant hair. It's an impressive wig, but especially fun given her little head inside of it.

Lots of hair

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