Playing with new toys

Due to the snow, we spent Boxing Day at home playing with new toys. Leah got some fun salon toys, so the girls had to play with them as soon as they got up.

Hair salon

Molly and Leah enjoy playing Angry Birds on the iPad and iPhone, but now they can play a physical version too. G'Mom and Grampa tested it out with the girls.

Playing Angry Birds

Molly got a bunch of early reader books, but Leah loves them too.

I can read

Molly had to try out her new roller skates inside since the weather outside was not cooperating.

Roller skates

After things calmed down, Molly got to watch Brave for the first time. What better way to watch it than wearing a Rapunzel dress, reclining in a snow sled, eating popcorn?

Watching Brave

We had a nice visit with G'Mom and Grampa. They were able to capture a rare still moment with the girls on the couch.

A rare still moment

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  1. G'mom says:

    We truly had a great time during our visit – celebrating and just hanging out with all of you! Lovya!

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