Fun at the mall

We spent some family time at the mall yesterday. After haircuts for both girls, we had some Chick-fil-a for lunch. The girls quickly scarfed down their chicken nuggets and wanted more. I went to get them some ice cream cones, but Leah couldn't wait for me to return so she had to eat Molly's face.

Mall snack

There's a little bit of something on your face, Leah.

Something on your face

Great new haircuts and ice cream cones - what else could a girl want?

Delicious treats

Her faces crack me up!


The fun at the mall wasn't over. We headed to Build-A-Bear with Christmas gift cards in hand. Here's Leah pressing the pedal to fill her first-ever Build-A-Bear.


Once filled, it was time to put the bear's heart in.

Have a heart

All sewn up and ready to go.

All sewn up

Before looking for some clothes for the bear, Leah had to bathe her bear using the brushes and air blowers. Molly already has a Build-A-Bear, but decided to get a Hello Kitty Smallfry to keep it company in addition to some new clothes.

Bath time

The girls exclaimed our trip to be a super fun day! Molly's off of school today too, so we're headed to Pump It Up and an afternoon playdate for more fun with friends.

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  1. G'mom says:

    What a wonderful day of fun! I love both girls haircuts! Super cute!

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