A white Christmas, almost.

It snowed on the 24th, but we were too busy to really play in the snow and not much of it ended up staying on the ground. On the 26th, it snowed again, so the girls and Daddy headed out to have fun in it.

More snow

The girls were excited to use their new snow boots, which helped them to run without slipping and kept their feet very warm.

Nice boots

Of course, their favorite game is "put snow on Daddy" - either by throwing snowballs or by running up to him and smushing it onto him.

Snow on Daddy

They did occasionally take a break from throwing snow on him to throw snow at each other.

Snow on each other

Throwing with your hands is fun, but if you really want good distance, the snowball thrower is what you need.

Nice throw

Here she comes.

Here she comes

Daddy's about to be very cold!

Almost there

It's easier to hit your target when they don't move.

Easy target

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  1. emk says:

    i recognize those Lands End hats!!

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