A new year, a new uncle

Chad's family picked up the tradition of doing Christmas Crackers when they lived in England. This year, EA's boyfriend Scott decided to utilize those crackers to give EA something special. Several of us were in on it (Chad was assigned photography duties). Here she is using all her might to pop her cracker. EA - you might want to start working out if a cracker is this strenuous ;).

Pop the cracker

Looks like whatever was in the cracker went flying and is now on the floor. Perhaps Scott will get down on his knee to pick it up.


"Is that what I think it is?"

A ring

"Will you marry me?"

Marry me

I think that's a yes.


It fits!

Putting it on

I think she likes it.

Looks good

The ring utilizes the stone from Grandmother's ring that EA inherited, but the design is custom.

Nice bling

Fancy engagement ring, brand new pearls, paper crown. That's how we roll in our family.

Happy bride-to-be

Awwww, isn't that sweet.

The happy couple

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