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It’s blueberry time

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Did you know that July was National Blueberry month? In honor of that, the girls, some friends and I headed up to Larriland Farm to pick blueberries on Thursday. The hot weather didn't stop the kids from having a great time!

It's blueberry time

Leah was great at picking the blueberries, though not one actually made it into her bag.

The littlest helper

The next stop was the red and purple raspberries. Clearly, Leah preferred the blueberries since there are actually raspberries left in her box! (Or it could have been that she had to share this box with Mommy!)

Moving on to raspberries

Looking for the perfect one!

Picking a good one

I could have stayed all day picking fruit, but the kids had had enough. We now have blueberry ice cream to show for our efforts!

Field trip to the Farm

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I chaperoned Molly's class field trip to Clark's Elioak Farm this week. The kids started off the morning with a hay ride, keeping an eye out for silly-faced trees. Molly must have spotted one!

Clark's Farm field trip

The hay ride ended at the Pumpkin Patch. All the pumpkins were the perfect size for preschoolers.

Pumpkin patch

Molly picked up at least 4 pumpkins stating, "No, that's too heavy" before she settled on one.

She found the one

Our tour guide brought out several animals for the kids to pet. Molly is always hesitant to pet animals, but she took a chance with this baby chick.

Petting a baby chick

If petting the baby chick was a stretch for Molly, feeding the goats was definitely out. However, her classmates had a fun time handing out the snacks.

Feeding the goats

The line up.

The line up

Cinderella and her Prince(ss)

Cinderella and her Prince

What could they be saying…Molly: "What was your favorite part?" Taryn: "Hmmm, let me think about that…"

Talking it out

And finally…16 bumps on a log!

16 bumps on a log

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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It's strawberry season here, so the girls and I went to a local farm to pick strawberries. Leah decided to make sure they were nice and ripe for eating!

It's strawberry season

Molly was instructed to pick only the strawberries that were red all over. Here she is showing off some of her loot. (Much like she did a few years ago!)

It's red

And the weather has warmed up enough to pull out the water table. The girls have played with it almost every day since.

Water play

Water is fun

Power walking

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A bit of fun from the field trip to the zoo. They actually did their power walking for several minutes, but it didn't last very long once I got in front of them to take the video. They seemed to think I was a great target for attacking.

Field trip to the zoo

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The big field trip of the year happened this week - the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. I got to go as a chaperone along with many other parents. One of the highlights of the trip was that we rode in a school bus there and back. Here's Molly gazing at school as we pull away.

First school bus ride

Once we got to the zoo, the kids were excited to see some animals. I believe Molly and Taryn are looking at some cranes here.

Peeking through

Here are Cole, Indraja, Jenna, and Molly watching the ducks in the African Aviary.

Duck watching

We saw lots of big animals as well, like rhinoceroses, leopards, lions, chimpanzees, and more. This cheetah was sleeping pretty close to the glass, so the kids decided it needed to wake up. They proceeded to shout "wake up" over and over at it. It didn't work, as the cheetah merely opened its eyes slightly for a second before closing them back.

Wake up, cheetah!

The kids even got to feed a giraffe. Here's Molly placing her leaves on its very long tongue. I'm surprised she was brave enough to do this. She's usually scared of animals, and this was a pretty big one.

Feeding the giraffe

I think he likes it. And don't worry, Taryn and Ava already had their turn feeding it.


After feeding the giraffe, the kids got to wash their hands in this big basin with shower heads. They all got a kick out of it, especially Molly.

Hand washing fun

All the kids climbed up to see the elephants. This picture is typical of most of what I saw all day - the backs of the kids as they looked at the animals.

Elephant watching

We tried to take a picture of the six girls that stuck together throughout the trip with the giraffe in the background (to go with their shirts), but posing six 3-4 year olds can be challenging. This is the best I got.

Posed picture

We had to book it to get back to the bus on time, as no one wanted to leave. Fortunately, more fun was still in store for us - a bus ride home. Here, Molly and Jenna are having fun with the wind blowing in their hair on the bus ride home for a few seconds before being told to sit down.

Fun on the bus ride home

It was a great trip, and the kids in our group had a great time. I'm very glad I got to go with them. There are a bunch more pictures on Flickr starting here.

Imaginations at play

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The girls and I headed to Port Discovery Children's Museum with our playgroup this week. Leah loved playing in the Wonders of Water room.

Port Discovery

Molly and Simon had fun filling this cylinder causing it to spin due to the power of water.


A couple of our playgroup dad's came along for the fun too. Zach is doing a great job overseeing the boat building.

Building boats

The museum has three floors of exhibits for the kids to discover. Any kind of "shopping" area was a hit!

To market we go

While the big kids played in the three story tree house, the toddlers checked out the new Tot Trails exhibit. Leah liked making these pegs light up.

Just for Tots

And she thought it was fun to sit in these seats that looked a lot like turtle shells.

Shell seats

What happened to waiting until 16 before she got behind the wheel?

Driving to the store

The Music Studio was great. They loved playing with the Boomwhackers and the big drum.

Fun with music

Queen for a day...or may be just a moment!

Queen for a day

Before we left, the kids requested to play in the Wonders of Water room again. Standing inside the big bubble was a must-do since you've already seen that Molly loves bubbles!

A big bubble

Exploring America’s Aquarium

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We decided to have one more family fun activity while G'Mom and Grampa were in town, so we headed to the National Aquarium. Molly loved it, and got excited about almost everything we saw. She just kept running up to each enclosure and exclaiming "Mom, look, more fish!"

The National Aquarium

We made sure to hit the newest exhibit, Jellies Invasion. There were so many jellyfish!

Wow, lots of jellyfish

One of the highlights of the trip was the dolphin show. It's not Sea World, but it was good stuff.

Hello dolphin

Molly decided that she wanted to use the map (like Dora does).

Tour guide

Molly's checked out some very large sea turtles in the "Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes" exhibit, though she wass so close to the glass that we got two pictures of her.

Up close

Holiday trains

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Our playgroup took the kids to Brookside Garden's train exhibit. The kids loved watching all the trains go by.

Holiday trains

These two sure do love each other! Molly kept talking about how "Keira was wearing boots just like me!"

Girls and their boots

Leah enjoyed watching the choo choo trains too.

Choo choo

The exhibit had an I Spy list. Simon was in his own little world working on it with one of the employees.

I Spy trains

We've had so much trouble getting pictures of Leah standing still that I just had to capture the rare moment!

Standing still

Ice, custard, happiness

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Molly and I went on a tour of Rita's Italian Ice with our MOMS Club. First, we saw the process of making lemon ice.

Rita's tour

And then got to taste the freshly made ice.

Tasting the lemon

Next, the kids were given small cups of random flavors and tried to guess what kind of ice it was.

More tastings

And finally, the kids got to order their very own cup of Italian ice. Molly was set on getting red.

Ordering on her own

Surprisingly, even after eating the kid (aka huge for a toddler) serving, she ate a great lunch.

Diggin' in

Letter of the week – F

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Flag Day was at the beginning of our week, so we made our letter F accordingly.

Flag Day F

Molly had a great time rolling, and pressing her thumb into our chocolate peanut butter fudge buttons. She had to be reminded to be gentle when pressing, or her she'd press her thumb right through!

Fudge buttons

I hosted a playdate to create wacky foam snakes by blowing air through a simple, homemade bubble-making device. I found the idea in my Family Fun magazine.

Making a snake

We took a field trip to a local farmer's market. The favorites from the loot? Blueberries, raspberries, and honey whole-wheat bread.

Farmer's market

We made several Father's Day cards during the week, and even went to a friend's house to make a special card for Daddy.

Father's Day card

And finally, we read The Very Lonely Firefly.

The Very Lonely Firefly

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