Exploring America’s Aquarium

We decided to have one more family fun activity while G'Mom and Grampa were in town, so we headed to the National Aquarium. Molly loved it, and got excited about almost everything we saw. She just kept running up to each enclosure and exclaiming "Mom, look, more fish!"

The National Aquarium

We made sure to hit the newest exhibit, Jellies Invasion. There were so many jellyfish!

Wow, lots of jellyfish

One of the highlights of the trip was the dolphin show. It's not Sea World, but it was good stuff.

Hello dolphin

Molly decided that she wanted to use the map (like Dora does).

Tour guide

Molly's checked out some very large sea turtles in the "Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes" exhibit, though she wass so close to the glass that we got two pictures of her.

Up close

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