Ice, custard, happiness

Molly and I went on a tour of Rita's Italian Ice with our MOMS Club. First, we saw the process of making lemon ice.

Rita's tour

And then got to taste the freshly made ice.

Tasting the lemon

Next, the kids were given small cups of random flavors and tried to guess what kind of ice it was.

More tastings

And finally, the kids got to order their very own cup of Italian ice. Molly was set on getting red.

Ordering on her own

Surprisingly, even after eating the kid (aka huge for a toddler) serving, she ate a great lunch.

Diggin' in

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  1. Gmom says:

    Yum! I love the field trip pics! Especially Molly’s dress and coordinating bandaid! What a fun way to spend Wednesday!

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