Little ballerinas

Chad checked out one of Leah's dance classes and snapped a few photos. These pictures are shot through small glass panes in a door, so they're not the best shots, but they give an idea of the class. Here's Leah paying attention to her teacher at the beginning of class.

Paying attention

They play a bit with musical instruments, like the maraca she has here.


They also play with stuffed animals, moving them around and placing them in different locations like on their bellies.


Leah's got her wand and skirt on and is getting into character in the fairy dance.

Fairy dance

Leah loves to walk on her toes, which comes in handy at dance class.

Spotlight dance

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  1. G'mom says:

    Love our littlest ballerina! Her skirt and wand make a completely perfect outfit!

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