It’s winter?

This winter's been so warm. Days of 67 degrees at a time of year where we're usually not getting out of the 30s! So, we've had some additional outdoor play. Here's Molly giving Leah a little push on the tricycle after they finished throwing the frisbee, blowing bubbles, and drawing with chalk.

It's winter?

Leah, you're about to drive off the driveway. You might want to pull the crown up a bit to see where you're going.

Scary driver

Sprinting down the hill.


Runing down together, holding hands. Very sweet. I wonder if their speed difference will cause any problems?

Leah too

Not surprisingly, Leah took a small tumble. Don't worry, she was fine.

Leah is down

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  1. G'mom says:

    Leah, I love your crown! And Molly, your sunglasses look great! Looks like you were both having so much fun!

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