Field Day 2010

We finally had Young Adult Field Day 2010 - the day of silly games our small group at church gets together for every year. It was originally planned for June (as it has been in previous years), but we delayed it so more people would be in town for it. The games include the egg race, the sack race, the 3-legged race, the hop along race, the dizzy-bat tricycle race, the dizzy-bat basketball race, the water balloon launch, the toilet-seat toss, the giant golf shot, and the tug-of-war. Lots of fun was had by all,

First up - the egg race. Here are Sandy and Michelle showing us how the transfer is done after Michelle's leg of the race.

Field Day 2010

The sack race requires less precision, but you can still get going a bit too quick as Christy demonstrates here.

Might want to slow down

Jen and Leah came until it was Leah's nap time (though they didn't participate in the games). Molly hung out the whole time and spent much of the time playing with Diana, including a lot of bouncing on the hop along.

Hop along bouncing

I managed to even get a group shot of almost everyone (by telling them they couldn't start eating the pizza until they took it :).

The participants

A good time was had by all. I'm already looking forward to next year, though maybe I'll practice riding Molly's tricycle a bit before then to get ready.

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