School days dress

As previously mentioned, Molly started preschool last week. I made her this peasant-style dress and thought the "Hopscotch Girls" fabric would be perfect for her first day. Being three, she couldn't wait to actually wear it on her first day, so she and Daddy had a photo shoot in her new dress last month.

School fashions

And why are Molly's hands up, you might ask.

Hands up

It's a fun game of stick throwing, where Molly has a great time throwing the stick in the air.

Stick throwing

This game of throwing the stick in the air and while Chad took her picture went on for about 15 minutes.

And still loving it

I'm linking up to Strut Your Stuff Thursday at Somewhat Simple so you can see other crafters newest creations.


  1. Gmom says:

    I love the fabric and the pattern – Molly looks precious! What a great way to get super pictures! Lovya!

  2. Kathryn says:

    What a great dress! And looks maybe “do-able” for even a sometimes-sewer… That first pic of Molly is so adorable!

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