Preschool visit

While everyone else is starting school, Molly's still got a week and a half before she starts preschool. They've been renovating this summer, and are not quite done. But, they had an open house today to show off the new digs as the final touches are completed. Molly was thrilled to get to go check out her school.

Preschool visit

Leah seemed to think she was ready for school too. Sorry Leah, you've got a couple years.

Not quite yet, Leah

The school is loaded with fun stuff, and Molly just kept running around and getting excited about everything. Here she found a bin full of hats and modeled a firefighter hat for me.

Hat bin

Ms. Carol, Molly's teacher, was great and Molly warmed up to her and Ms. Jodi very quickly. Here's Ms. Carol reading a story to Molly and Leah.

Story time

Molly can't wait to start school. I think it's going to be tough to keep her patient over the next week and a half before school starts.

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  1. Gmom says:

    Can we go with you too, Molly? This really looks like great fun!

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