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Evening of Excellence

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We went to the Evening of Excellence at the girls school to see all the stuff they’ve been working on. This included an enrichment fair with lots of fun projects.

We got to see the geocity that Molly, Grace, and Tatum had been working on. It’s a model of Hogwarts built with geometric shapes.


Leah and I created the Sellers Scratcher - a working electric back scratcher, which was a big hit at the enrichment fair. I only had to fix it once (with the super glue I brought along just in case).

Sellers Scratcher

Molly’s scale project (where the kids use a grid to scale up a drawing) was of everyone’s favorite droid - R2-D2.

Scale project

All the second grade bottle buddies were on display. Serena was awesome.

Bottle Buddy

Our roller coaster engineering project was also on display alongside the ride from the other team at our school. Molly and Grace gave a great demonstration of it.

Roller coaster

Each 5th grader created a book report with illustrated cover. Molly did hers on the first Magnus Chase book.

Book report

Book Report

We had so much stuff to bring home, our car was full.

Choir May 2018

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Molly and Leah sang with their choir at church again in May.

Teacher appreciation

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The girls and Jen did a great job on their teacher appreciation poster for our fantastic media specialist (library teacher). For those unfamiliar, this is a reference to the fantastic book Dragons Love Tacos, including a wonderful dragon drawn by Molly.

Teacher appreciation

School concerts

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School orchestra concert

Molly performed as part of the Advanced Orchestra at elementary school for her final time. The concert was lovely, and now she's off to play in the middle school orchestra in the Fall (after a couple of orchestra camps this summer).

Molly was a bit more humble this time when they recognized the students who’d been selected for GT orchestra groups.

GT students

The day after Molly's orchestra concert was her chorus concert. She will not be doing chorus in middle school, so this is her last chorus concert at least for a while (though she'll still be singing at church).

Chorus concert

Crazy hair day

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Jen did a fantastic job for Crazy Hair Day at school with these cat ears.

Crazy hair day

Silly one

During 5th grade spirit week, they had another day for crazy hair (or hat). Jen outdid herself with this unicorn hairstyle.

Unicorn hair

Unicorn hair

Angry unicorn

Art at the mall

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Our school system had an art exhibit at the mall, displaying artwork chosen from local schools. Both Molly and Leah had artwork chosen. Here’s Molly with her alicorn.

Art exhibit

Leah had several pieces of artwork chosen. First, this design. It’s her name written by her in cursive mirrored.

Leah number 1

Leah’s second piece chosen was more abstract.

Leah number 2

For her third piece - a sunflower.

Leah number 3

New bike

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Leah got a new bike! We again went with a used bike from Race Pace. Now everyone in the family has a fancy Trek bike. It looks very big on her, but she handles it great.

New bike

Sellers Scratcher

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For a Curriculum Extension Unit (CEU), some of the second graders created their own inventions. Leah invented the Sellers Scratcher, a back scratcher the she and I prototyped. Here she is making a commercial for it.

She got to show it off at the Evening of Excellence (more on that in a future post).

Sellers Scratcher

Roller Coaster project

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Molly and her friend Grace formed a team for the Maryland Engineering Challenges 2018 Theme Park Challenge. I served as their coach as they designed and build a roller coaster to compete against teams from across the state.

They cut their track out of cardboard using box cutters.

Cutting out the track

There was lots of planning and experimentation.

Experimenting and planning

They built their cart out of cardboard, pencils, and fidget spinner bearings.

Cart building

The track was held up by wooden supports. I cut wooden slats to their requested size, then helped them screw them onto the base.

Adding supports

Attaching supports

We went to the Baltimore Museum of Industry to present our roller coaster to the judges. And the ride worked! (There was a time that I wasn’t sure we’d get the ride working.) Our ride was Green Eggs and Ham themed, and our team name was Green Eggs and Girls.

Green Eggs and Girls

Whole team

Bottle Buddy

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One of Leah’s end-of-year projects for 2nd grade was to create a bottle buddy. The kids created a buddy at home, while researching their famous person and writing a report at school.

Bottle buddy project

Leah (with help from Jen) worked diligently on her buddy for weeks and did a great job. Here’s Leah’s completed bottle buddy of Serena Williams.

Serena Williams

Bottle Buddy