Evening of Excellence

We went to the Evening of Excellence at the girls school to see all the stuff they’ve been working on. This included an enrichment fair with lots of fun projects.

We got to see the geocity that Molly, Grace, and Tatum had been working on. It’s a model of Hogwarts built with geometric shapes.


Leah and I created the Sellers Scratcher - a working electric back scratcher, which was a big hit at the enrichment fair. I only had to fix it once (with the super glue I brought along just in case).

Sellers Scratcher

Molly’s scale project (where the kids use a grid to scale up a drawing) was of everyone’s favorite droid - R2-D2.

Scale project

All the second grade bottle buddies were on display. Serena was awesome.

Bottle Buddy

Our roller coaster engineering project was also on display alongside the ride from the other team at our school. Molly and Grace gave a great demonstration of it.

Roller coaster

Each 5th grader created a book report with illustrated cover. Molly did hers on the first Magnus Chase book.

Book report

Book Report

We had so much stuff to bring home, our car was full.

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