Roller Coaster project

Molly and her friend Grace formed a team for the Maryland Engineering Challenges 2018 Theme Park Challenge. I served as their coach as they designed and build a roller coaster to compete against teams from across the state.

They cut their track out of cardboard using box cutters.

Cutting out the track

There was lots of planning and experimentation.

Experimenting and planning

They built their cart out of cardboard, pencils, and fidget spinner bearings.

Cart building

The track was held up by wooden supports. I cut wooden slats to their requested size, then helped them screw them onto the base.

Adding supports

Attaching supports

We went to the Baltimore Museum of Industry to present our roller coaster to the judges. And the ride worked! (There was a time that I wasn’t sure we’d get the ride working.) Our ride was Green Eggs and Ham themed, and our team name was Green Eggs and Girls.

Green Eggs and Girls

Whole team

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