Legos with Dad

Molly’s school held a night where kids could come and build Legos with their dads. Molly and I of course attended. They had 3 rounds with prizes handed out and lots of fun. Each kid got a bag of random Legos and then had to create something with them. Here’s Molly’s spaceship from the flying things round. Note that it includes a pizza oven in the back as well as jet propulsion.

Legos with Dad

The last round was without a theme, so the kids could build whatever they like. Molly decided to build a giant robot that the operator could ride on. Oh, and it also included a pizza oven.

Robot ride


  1. emk says:

    What a neat event! Was it sponsored by the Bricks 4 Kids group or was this purely a parent-driven night? I’m curious about who prepared all the bags of Legos. Did the kids get to keep them?

  2. c-had says:

    So many questions 🙂 I’m not sure of all my answers as they didn’t have a presentation on the making of the event, but I’ll do my best to guess.

    1) I believe it was purely parent driven (though we love Bricks 4 Kids!)
    2) I don’t know who prepared the bags of Legos, but they appeared to be reused every year. The bags seemed well used, and we had to make sure to package them back up well when we were done.
    3) No, the kids did not get to keep them (see answer to #2)

  3. G'mom says:

    How fun for everyone! I guess next year both girls will have a special night with Daddy! Love the creativity – and pizza included!

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